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2013 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners


Category: Rehabilitation Project - Company: Interflow Pty Ltd for Sydney Water - Country: Australia

Rehabilitation of Lidcombe, Auburn and Granville (LAG) Sewer Mains

Complex and demanding project to structurally renew a deep (13 to22 metres), Large diameter (900mm) sewer.
Sydney Water required that the liner must:

  1. Be structural,
  2. Have equal or better flow capacity,
  3. Deal with a significant bend,
  4. Handle high water table, pipe flows, and
  5. Long distances between access‐points (200 metres).

Interflows solution:

  1. Employ a bigger, stronger Sekisui Expanda Pipe with double the stiffness of previously available Expanda Pipe.
  2. Use a more powerful Winding Machine and
  3. A large robotic cutter to secure the liner to the host pipe to expand the liner.
  4. Install a Rotaloc spiral wound liner to line the portion of the pipe with a significant bend.
  5. Grout the liner with a new quick‐setting grout.

The project was a success as a result of co‐operation between the Contractor and
a Water Authority. It also stimulated product innovations that extended the
boundaries for Trenchless Technology.

Accepting the award is Geoff Weavern.

Rehabilitation of Lidcombe, Auburn and Granville (LAG) Sewer Mains



Category: New Installation - Company: Fujian Dongchen Geotechnical Foundation Engineering Company - Country: China

Large Diameter & 3D Curved Pipe Jacking Technology

Compound horizontal curves and a cured vertical alignment of the pipe in varied, complex soil conditions made installation of 3,200mm precast reinforced concrete (PRC) pipe using pipe jacking a challenge.

The project used an innovative 3D curved pipe jacking technology to avoid an existing sewerage pipeline in the area and to deal with elevation differences. The 3D curved pipe jacking technology developed by the contractor and Tongji University was key to the success of this project. The 3D system provided realtime data that allowed the operator to make deviation corrections during the
pipe jacking increasing construction precision and efficiency.

Accepting the Award: ?
Yong Chen, Fujian Dongchen Geotechnical Foundation Engineering Co.

 Large Diameter & 3D Curved Pipe Jacking Technology  Large Diameter & 3D Curved Pipe Jacking Technology   



Category: New Product- Company: Alpha Civil Engineering - Country: Japan

Rectangular Pipe Jacking Machine

The Box Culvert Pipe Jacking Machine (BCPJM) enables construction of box culvert pipeline quickly and to high accuracy. This method is safer than cutting edge jacking method, more economic than shield tunneling method, and faster, less disruptive and more environmentally friendly than conventional open‐cut construction.
This machine is based on BCPJ design methods developed in 2007.
Machine features are:

  1. Rotation/revolution multi‐axle cutter (shield), which is more efficient than a conventional cutter due to lower load per cutter.
  2. Screw conveyor and slurry value that provides cutting face stability.
  3. Two‐section shield connected by direction‐adjusting jacks that provides directional correction control.
  4. Multiple rotating axels and Rotary movable hood that controls rolling and pitch of shield.

Accepting the Award:
For Alpha Civil Engineering is Fumihiko Matsumoto

Rectangular Pipe Jacking machine



Category: Academic Research
Company: National Quemoy University
Country: Taiwan

Systematic Image Quality Assessment for Sewer Inspection

Good image quality is the prerequisite for accurate interpretation and diagnosis of CCTV. However, on‐site CCTV technicians usually do not pay great attention to the CCTV image quality of sewer inspection or even have an idea about how to assess the CCTV image quality.

This research developed a CCTV image quality index that takes into account both luminance and contrast distortions of a CCTV image compared with reference images. Analysis of image quality shows that contrast has the larger impact on the CCTV inspection image quality than luminance.

The image quality index was successfully applied to CCTV images from sewer inspection of house connections. In the future, a real‐time CCTV imaging adjustment system based on the image quality index could prove a practical application for on‐site sewer inspection.

Accepting the award:
On behalf of National Quemoy University is Albert Shou

Systematic Image Quality Assessment for Server Inspection



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