The International Society for Trenchless Technology

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South Africa
Southern African Society for Trenchless Technology
P O Box 738, RASLOUW 0109
Phone: +27 825517458, Fax: +27 866027472
Country: South Africa
Chairman: Sam Efrat
Society Secretary: Rina Stead
SASTT was formed in 1992 at a meeting in Pretoria. Its members recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary by way of a convivial braai, an African-style barbeque.

In keeping with the aims of the ISTT, SASTT believes in the necessity of maintaining a sustainable, healthy environment and addressing the changing needs of the community. Our mission is to promote, from a neutral base, the use of TT for providing and maintaining underground infrastructural services with minimum surface disruption.

In 2011 SASTT hosted the first ISTT masterclass in southern Africa in conjunction with No-Dig South Africa. It was opened by the mayor of the capital city of South Africa; attended by 70 delegates; and the exhibition filled a hall measuring 1000 square metres.

SASTT has received recognition from the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa by being designated a professional affiliate of the institute.

There are currently more than 50 members, including three individual (pensioner) members.

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