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NO-DIG Award 2011 winners

As part of the International NO-DIG 2011 Berlin which took place from May 2 to 5, 2011, the following NO-DIG Award  2011 winners were selected out of several nominations from all over the world by the ISTT International Board of Directors.

Award category Name/Company Country


Project -
PBGSA  / Hobas Systems Polska Poland Czajka Sewer Microtunneling project in Warsaw*: The PBG Group installed a large collector system owned by MPWiK-Warsaw located in an urbanized area of Warsaw. The Czajka microtunneling project installed a pipeline system that collects waste water previously untreated and transports it to a  new waste water treatment plant. The pipe selected for this project was HOBAS CC-GRP pipe. This project established a number of records – world’s largest CC-GRP pipe, length of total project (5,700m) and length of single drive (930m). The contractor was able to achieve tight grade tolerances (0.55%) and high production rates (36m per day, peak) at lower cost than open cut with minimal impacts on city life and the environment. 
Project -
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD Bulgaria Rehabilitation with CIPP of a steel water main pipe in Sofia,Bulgaria*: Sofijska Voda, the operator of the Sofia water and sewer system needed to restore a 1,220 mm diameter thin-walled steel water pipeline, which had been out of service since the mid 1990s. The 850 meter project was located in a densely populated district with narrow rights-of-way. The project had to be completed within 40 days, without unduly restricting access to residential property, and in temperatures that were routinely well below freezing. A semi-structural liner using Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) was chosen. An additional challenge emerged when the contractor discovered the inversion system lacked the capacity to handle some of the sections to be rehabbed.  The contractor designed, built and tested a new inversion vessel and had it ready to use in 3 weeks. The project, which was completed successfully on time, has won over the customer on merits of trenchless technology.
Product Hydrascan Limited UK The Hydrascan Typhoon pipe cleaning system: Hydrascan Limited has developed the Typhoon, a pipe cleaning system that uses water pressure for propulsion and to clean water mains. Hydro jets power the Typhoon away from the launch point to a predetermined target area. An onboard valve switches the pressurized water from propulsion to cleaning via a radially arranged system of manifolds and fan jets. The bulk of the water used in cleaning is recycled, solids are removed and the clean water reused in the next cleaning run. The cleaning system is fully adjustable and highly controllable. The system has a 500m range, requires only one access point and can clean upstream and downstream as well as up to valve faces.
Academic Research & Courses University of Geosciences-Wuhan China Professor Baosong Ma, University of Geosciences –Wuhan, has established a 40-hour course on the Science of Trenchless Engineering (STE)*. The course structure includes lectures, laboratories, and tutorials on all aspects of trenchless technology. Since it was established in 2004, more than 300 undergraduate and 100 graduate students have taken the STE course. Professor Ma’s STE course has an outstanding reputation and has contributed to the advancement of trenchless practices in China. In 2010, the course received awards for academic achievement from the Chinese Ministry of Education and China University of Geosciences-Wuhan.  


University of Geosciences-Wuhan  China Prediction of rotational torque and design of reaming program using horizontal directional drilling in rock strata*: Haitao Lan, a student in the College of Engineering, University of Geosciences-Wuhan, presents the results of his research to better characterize the predictability of torque requirements and reamer selection in large diameter pipe installation using HDD in rock strata.  Mr. Lan developed a new predictive model for estimating rotational torque in large diameter HDD operations. The model included reamer size as a variable, which improved the accuracy of rotational torque estimates, and provides a means for analyzing and selecting the appropriate reamer for projects with similar geological conditions.
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