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Back Reamer

Cutting head attached to the leading end of a drill string to enlarge the pilot bore during a pull-back operation to enable the product pipe to be installed.


A mechanical device for excavation within an open shield


See Sonde

Bent Sub

Offset section of drill stem close behind the drill head that allows steering corrections to be made by rotation of the drill string to orientate the cutting head.


A natural clay material having thixotropic properties which is used as a basic ingredient for drilling muds and lubricants.


Void which is created to receive a pipe, conduit or cable.

Breakout Wrench

Manual or hydraulic tool used to connect or break tool joints at access points forward of the drill rig.

Burp Hole

Excavation along the drill path to relieve excess pressure that has created hydrolock.


Term used for square end jacking pipes.

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