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Segmental Lining

Method of lining with pipe sections made of at least two pieces with both longitudinal and circumferential joints.

Segmental Sliplining

See Discrete Sliplining

Skin Friction

The resisting force created between pipes and soil when the pipes are jacked forward.

Sleeve Pipe

Pipe installed as external protection to a product pipe.

Slime Shield

Earth pressure balance shield with soil conditioning additives to facilitate the excavation of the ground.

Slurry Chamber

A chamber located behind the cutting head of a slurry microtunneling machine, in which excavated material is mixed with the slurry for transport to the surface.

Slurry Line

A series of hoses and pipes that transport tunnel muck and slurry from the face of a slurry microtunneling machine to the ground surface for separation.

Slurry Separation

A process in which excavated material is separated from the circulation slurry.

Slurry TBM

A microtunnel method that uses tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) or shield with closed face which employs hydraulic means for removing the excavated material and balances the ground water pressure.

Soft Lining

See Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)


Transmitter located near the front of an HDD drill string that sends an electronic signal that provides location and depth of the drill string near the bit. The sonde signal also transmits pitch, roll, temperature, and battery status to the receiver.


Mechanical structure used to connect the jacking thrust ring to the pipe and used to accommodate lengths of pipe that are longer than the stroke length of the jack.

Spiral Lining

Method of lining with a profiled strip, spirally wound to form a continuous pipe after installation.


Earth, rock, and other materials removed during installation.

Spray Lining

Method for applying a lining, usually of cement mortar or resin, by a rotating spray head which is winched through an existing pipeline.

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