Awards and Recognition

ISTT No-Dig Awards

ISTT annually recognizes trenchless achievements through its No-Dig Awards program.

Four topics are eligible for this Award:

  1. Academic research or training aid/course;
  2. Trenchless project completed
  3. New machine, tool, material, system or technique introduced;
  4. Student or young professional paper.

The Awards are presented yearly at the ISTT's annual International No-Dig Conference. Since 1986, ISTT has recognized more than 60 trenchless organizations and individuals through this program.

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ISTT Affiliated Society Lifetime Service Award

In the mid to late 80s, leaders in the trenchless construction community began to form national and regional societies to promote the science and practice of trenchless technology for the public good. Today, there are approximately 30 Trenchless Societies, affiliated with ISTT, representing more than 40 countries that share this mission. More than a dozen of these societies have been affiliated with ISTT since the early 90s. Seven have been members of ISTT for more than 20 years.

Some Affiliated Societies now have, or have recently had, key figures retire -- individuals, who were instrumental in the formation of their society and in the promotion and advancement of trenchless technologies in their region. ISTT has established the ISTT Affiliated Society Lifetime Service Award to recognize these individuals for their contribution to advancing the acceptance of trenchless technologies in their region..

Any Affiliated Society may nominate candidates for the ISTT Affiliated Society Lifetime Service Award who have retired or are retiring from active participation in the trenchless industry. The application must state the name of the nominee, list relevant professional and educational background, and describe in 1,000 words or less the specific actions and activities of the candidate as they relate to the advancement of trenchless technology within the Affiliated Society. There is no limit to the number of individuals within a Society who may receive the ISTT Affiliated Society Lifetime Service Award so long as the individual fully meets the criteria for this award.

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ISTT Gold Medal

ISTT recognizes individuals who are judged to have made an outstanding and exceptional individual contribution to trenchless technology. This special award has been presented only five times in the 25-year history of ISTT. Click here to see trenchless leaders who have received ISTT's highest award.

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