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-Project: Marine Current Turbines UK, " Strangford Lough Marine Turbine Cable"
-Product: Herrenknecht Germany, "Direct Pipe"
-Academic: University of Technology in Kielce / Professor Andrzej Kuliczkowski Poland, "Trenchless Technology in Environmental Engineering "

Category Name or Company CountryReason for Award
ProjectMarine Current TurbinesUK

A meticulously prepared HDD project in a protected area of outstanding natural beauty was undertaken to connect the first tidal marine electrical turbine in Western Europe with a high voltage cable to the national supply network. Strangford Lough Marine Turbine Cable was completed to time, cost and in full compliance with all environmental and sustainability requirements.


A totally new technique combining features from pipe jacking and HDD to give a one step pipe installation method for use in difficult ground conditions where borehole collapse could occur. Herrenknecht Direct Pipe is a steerable cutting head which can deal with bolders, hard rock and unstable soils with the product pipe being thrust in behind it.

Academic Research or Training AidUniversity of Technology in Kielce / Professor Andrzej KuliczkowskiPoland

The first Post-Graduate course in trenchless technology ever organised worldwide attracted 28 graduate utility engineers to the University of Technology, Kielce. The 8 month course covered 28 trenchless topics and included 215 hours of lectures, laboratory work and tutorials. The Trenchless Technology in Environmental Engineering was a wold first.

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