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-Product :Whirlwind Ulitlities Ltd. UK , "Forced Air Vortex Aggregate Cleaning System (FAVAC)"
-Project :Interflow Pty Ltd Sekisui Rib Loc Pty Ltd Australia, "Rehabilitation of the North Georges River Submain, Sydney, Australia"
-Student: Zuzana Halova, Czech Technical University Prague, "Non-Conventional Solution of the Utility Concept in Plzen"

Category Name or Company CountryReason for Award
ProductWhirlwind Ulitlities Ltd.UK

Forced Air Vortex Aggregate Cleaning System (FAVAC)*: The Whirlwind™ Forced Air Vortex Aggregate Cleaning system (FAVAC) is a unique patented system for cleaning pipes. The system establishes a Low-pressure turbulent airflow in the pipe to be cleaned, a controlled feed of aggregate is introduced into the air flow providing a uniform cleaning patter along the entire pipe being cleaned. FAVAC system blowers can be controlled to produce sufficient air to provide a low pressure, high velocity, and turbulent airflow. Air from the blowers is discharged into the main via flexible outlet pipe work. A low-pressure airflow is initially applied to the section to be cleaned to remove any residual water from the pipeline. The hot air produced by the blowers then dries the surface of the pipe and the tubercles. As the main is cleaned, the pressure within the piped drops and the airflow increases providing a measurement of the effectiveness of the cleaning operation.

ProjectInterflow Pty Ltd Sekisui Rib Loc Pty LtdAustralia

Rehabilitation of the North Georges River Submain, Sydney, Australia*: Interflow recently completed a 5,400 meters rehabilitated the North Georges River Submain (NGRS), a major component of the Sydney Water sewer network. The tender value of the contract was AUD20.3 million. The project commenced in June 2008 and was completed in May 2010. The NGRS rehabilitation project included the world’s largest and longest continuous spirally wound pipe measuring 2.4 meters in diameter and 706 meters in length. The achievement has resulted in a “step change” in the advancement of spirally wound trenchless technology and was awarded the 2009 Trenchless Project of the Year by the Australasia Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT).

StudentCzech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Civil EngineeringCzech Republic

This paper summarizes the bachelor’s thesis of Zuzana Halova titled Non-Conventional Solution of the Utility Concept in Plzen*. Ms. Halova explores the installation of underground utilities in separate rights-of-way versus integrated installations in tunnels or ducts. She concluded that integrated concept offers many advantages including spatial economy, utility security, ease of operation and maintenance of services, and lower adverse environment and land use impacts. Trenchless and conventional methods were used in the installation stage of the non-conventional utility concept. Trenchless solutions are recommended in the construction stage that includes maintenance, repairs, modernization, and renovation of utilities.

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