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2017 ISTT Award Winners

- Project - New Installation, Mears Group, Inc - Country: USA - Underground Power, Distribution from Nuclear Power Station.
- Project - Rehabilitation - Company: SADE/STS Consultants - Country: France, Huge Challenging Rehab Project on the French Riviera.
- New machine - Company: Herrenknecht A.G. - Country: Germany, Jet Pump for HDD and Long-Distance Pipe Jacking.
- Student Award - Name: Tomáš Urbánek - Country: Czech Republic, Metro Station Realization.
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Category Name or Company CountryReason for Award
Project - New InstallationMears Group, Inc  USA

Underground Power Distribution from Nuclear Power Station

The project, undertaken by the Florida Power & Light Company in Port St. Lucie, Florida (USA),

involved the design, installation and startup of 13.65-mile long, parallel, 230 kV, underground power transmission circuits, starting at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant Switchyard and terminating at the Turnpike Substation. The circuits will provide an additional way to move power between the plant and the FP&L electric grid. According to Mears Group, “undergrounding these transmission lines helps safeguard the operation of the nuclear plant and ensures the delivery of reliable electric service to FP&L’s 4.8 million customers in the face of severe weather.”

Project-RehabilitationSADE/STS Consultants  France

Huge Challenging Rehab Project on the French Riviera

The award was presented for work on a sewer system upgrade and replacement project at Toulon on the French Riviera. The project will serve seven municipalities and 288,000 residents upon completion over a four-year period. It entails design and reconstruction of 6.4 km tunnels leading to the seaside wastewater treatment plant and outfall at the Cap Sicie collector.

New machine Herrenknecht A.G. Germany

Jet Pump for HDD and Long-Distance Pipe Jacking

 Herrenknecht AG (Germany) was recognized for its development of the Herrenknecht Downhole Jet Pump (DHJP); this jet pump system absorbs cuttings from the bottom of the borehole and pumps them via the drill string to the exit side to surface. Due to the higher velocity of the discharge fluid, the system can handle a maximum cutting size of up to 1 ½” and therefore allows relatively large cuttings compared to conventional HDD.

Student Awardomáš UrbánekCzech Republic

Metro Station Realization

The student award was made for a paper entitled “Metro Station Realization,” a graduate thesis submitted by Tomas Urbanek. The project analyzes the use of trenchless technology for the Bratri Synku Square Metro project, where the transportation hub is located under a residential housing area, and connects between a tram line and the subway system.

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