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2016 ISTT Award Winners

- Project - New Installation - Company: Construtora Passarelli  - Country: Brazil, Microtunneling between World Famous Rio Beaches
- Project Rehabilitation - Company: a.hak Leidingbouw - Country: The Netherlands, Unique Pipe-in-Pipe Project
- New machine - Company: Iseki Ploy-Tech, Inc. - Country: Japan, Pullback and Redeploy System for Slurry Type Micro-Tunneling Boring Machine (MTBM)
- Academic research - Name: Prof. Wu Xiaoming China University of Geosciences - Country: China, Research on HDD Installations in Complex Formations
- Student - Company: Yuanze Cheng, Arizona State University - Country: China, Modeling HDD Fluid Pressures & Ground Displacement
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Category Name or Company CountryReason for Award
Project - New InstallationConstrutora Passarelli Brazil

Microtunneling between World Famous Rio Beaches

The presence of surface and underground infrastructure and mixed soil conditions that included cobles at world famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches presented a challenge for installing a pressurized sewer collector pipeline to link two existing sewer systems. The solution was to install the 675 m pipeline in a single shot. A concrete pipe with a special sealing system that could withstand 20 Mpa pressure and 750 tons of compression was installed using a MTBM and two intermediary jacking stations. The pipeline was successfully installed and up and working well before the Olympic Games.

Project Rehabilitation a.hak Leidingbouw The Netherlands

Unique Pipe-in-Pipe Project

A.Hak relined an existing 45 kilometer long 18 inch steel pipe used to transport wastewater associated with the production of oil from the Schoonebeek field that was shut down due to a leak in the pipe. Curvatures in the steel pipe presented challenges, which A.Hak addressed using an elaborate test system. The test showed the relining was feasible. A.Hak relined the steel pipe with an 8 inch HDPE steel reinforced pipe. The HDPE pipe was inserted into the steel host pipe at 60 working pits, where a segment of the host pipe was removed, the existing steel pipe was lubricated and the new flexible pipe of length up to 1.5 kilometers was pulled in. The steel pipe was welded close serving as a jacket-pipe of the new pipe. A.Hak designed and modified machines specifically for the job that complied with strict safety rules and improved the performance of the project.

New machineIseki Ploy-Tech, Inc.Japan

Pullback and Redeploy System for Slurry Type Micro-Tunneling Boring Machine (MTBM)

Iseki Poly-Tech has designed a MTBM that can be pulled back and redeployed and cutter bits replaced even on a small diameter machine. The machine's cutter bits on the outer edge of the cutter-head can be folded inward reducing its diameter allowing it to be pulled back to the launch pit. The flexibility of the reducible MTBM allows tunneling where an arrival shaft is not feasible, recovery of the machine without excavation, and replacement of bits to better match soil conditions.


Academic researchProf. Wu Xiaoming China University of GeosciencesChina

Research on HDD Installations in Complex Formations

Professor Wu Xiaoming and his research team have developed a theoretical model to calculate various engineering properties associated with HDD installations in complex formations. This model has been coupled with three-dimensional visualization software to calculate optimal design of pipe installations using HDD. These research results have been successfully applied to a variety of complex projects.

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