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Past Winners
Past Winners
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2010 (For work completed in 2009)
Award Category Company Country Description
Project Interflow Pty Ltd Sekisui Rib Loc Pty Ltd Australia Rehabilitation of the North Georges River Submain, Sydney, Australia*: Interflow recently completed a 5,400 meters rehabilitated the North Georges River Submain (NGRS), a major component of the Sydney Water sewer network. The tender value of the contract was AUD20.3 million. The project commenced in June 2008 and was completed in May 2010. The NGRS rehabilitation project included the world’s largest and longest continuous spirally wound pipe measuring 2.4 meters in diameter and 706 meters in length. The achievement has resulted in a “step change” in the advancement of spirally wound trenchless technology and was awarded the 2009 Trenchless Project of the Year by the Australasia Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT).
Product Whirlwind Ulitlities Ltd.  UK

 Forced Air Vortex Aggregate Cleaning System (FAVAC)*: The Whirlwind™ Forced Air Vortex Aggregate Cleaning system (FAVAC) is a unique patented system for cleaning pipes. The system establishes a Low-pressure turbulent airflow in the pipe to be cleaned, a controlled feed of aggregate is introduced into the air flow providing a uniform cleaning patter along the entire pipe being cleaned. FAVAC system blowers can be controlled to produce sufficient air to provide a low pressure, high velocity, and turbulent airflow. Air from the blowers is discharged into the main via flexible outlet pipe work. A low-pressure airflow is initially applied to the section to be cleaned to remove any residual water from the pipeline. The hot air produced by the blowers then dries the surface of the pipe and the tubercles. As the main is cleaned, the pressure within the piped drops and the airflow increases providing a measurement of the effectiveness of the cleaning operation.


Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering Czech Republic
This paper summarizes the bachelor’s thesis of Zuzana Halova titled Non-Conventional Solution of the Utility Concept in Plzen*. Ms. Halova explores the installation of underground utilities in separate rights-of-way versus integrated installations in tunnels or ducts. She concluded that integrated concept offers many advantages including spatial economy, utility security, ease of operation and maintenance of services, and lower adverse environment and land use impacts. Trenchless and conventional methods were used in the installation stage of the non-conventional utility concept. Trenchless solutions are recommended in the construction stage that includes maintenance, repairs, modernization, and renovation of utilities.
2009 (For work completed in 2008)
Award Category Company Country Description

City of Portland, Oregon 

The City of Portland East Side Combined Sewer Outflow Project* is the ISTT 2009 Project Award winner. This project involves the installation of approximately 3,000 ft (910 m) of 84-inch (2m) ID concrete pipe in a single drive under challenging conditions. Difficult mining conditions including soft ground, wood debris, and rail spikes were encountered along the drive. These conditions had largely been anticipated, in the project design and selection of equipment. The result was a highly successful job of recording breaking length. The project team was The City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services, Parsons Brinckerhoff, and Kiewit-Bilfinger Berger JV. This project also is receiving the 2008 North-American Project of the Year Award for New Installation
Product -
 Aqualiner Limited  UK

Aqualiner is a thermoplastic in-situ lining system for both potable water and sewer applications. Aqualiner’s process involves forming a thin walled, high strength stand alone liner of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene. The product is an inert material, easy to install with a long shelf life. The Aqualiner process* has recently been successfully trialed in the Wessex Water region of the UK and is licensed in Japan.

Product - Installation

DCI Digital Control Inc.

Intuitive and easy to use, the DigiTrak F2 locating system* is a novel 3-dimensional field-view directional drilling locating system with a single button user interface and graphically driven menu. In addition to highly accurate tracking capabilities, an operator can use the F2 to navigate the drill in situations where obstacles prevent tracking over the drill head, to look-ahead of the drill, and to target steer.
2008 (For work completed in 2007)
Award Category Company Country Description

Marine Current Turbines



A meticulously prepared HDD project in a protected area of outstanding natural beauty was undertaken to connect the first tidal marine electrical turbine in Western Europe with a high voltage cable to the national supply network.Strangford Lough Marine Turbine Cable was completed to time, cost and  in full compliance with all environmental and sustainability requirements.




A totally new technique combining features from pipe jacking and HDD to give a one step pipe installation method for use in difficult ground conditions where borehole collapse could occur. Herrenknecht Direct Pipe is a steerable cutting head which can deal with bolders, hard rock and unstable soils with the product pipe being thrust in behind it.

Academic Research or Training Aid

University of Technology in Kielce / Professor Andrzej Kuliczkowski


The first Post-Graduate course in trenchless technology ever organised worldwide attracted 28 graduate utility engineers to the University of Technology, Kielce.  The 8 month course covered 28 trenchless topics and included 215 hours of lectures, laboratory work and tutorials.  The Trenchless Technology in Environmental Engineering was a wold first.

2007 (For work completed in 2006)
Award Category Company Country Description
Project BROCHIER Ltd. Prague,  Czech Republic Brochier Ltd. participated in the public competition for the rehabilitation of the 3rd feeder of the Ostrava Regional Drinking Water Supply* and its tender of trenchless rehabilitation by cement spraying won it the contract.  
Product: Wessex Water UK

New Sewer Sealing Gel development* in support Of Wessex Water's sustainable sewer renovation programme

Student: Lucie Nenadalova 
(Czech Technical University)
Czech Republic Strongpoints of Trenchless Technologies - Ecological parameters* The paper deals with the ecological assessment of TT, linking up with the earlier results particularly the graduating thesis by Tomas Kubat.


Dr. Hideki Shimada (Kyushu University)

Japan Theoretical and practical researches for tunnel excavation method using slurry pipe jacking in Japan*
2006 (For work completed in 2005)
Award Category Company Country Description
Project Shanghai No2 Municipal Engineering Co Ltd China Large Jacked Tunnel in Shanghai using Steel Pipe Screen Support i.e. construction of a large jacked tunnel in Shanghai using a steel pipe screen support. 
Product: DJ & MB MacCormick Australia

The Otway Gas Project relates to the development of condensate fields off the south western coast of Victoria (the Otway Basin). MacCormick used a microtunnelling retraction system to install a 1200mm OD casing around the gas pipe.

Student: Jiri Granilla
(Czech Technical University)
Czech Republic Application of tunnels for services in the central area of Prague Evolution of a long-time project.


no entry

2005 (For work completed in 2004)
Award Category Company Country Description
Project Trenchless Technology Italia Srl Italy Riva vertical bore, a spectacular project to provide a new water supply to the town of Riva on Lake Garda, Italy by drilling almost vertically through solid rock.
Product: ShieldLiner Ltd. Australia

ShieldLiner system for installing 'Cured in Place Pipe' where the resin and pipe felt are offered separately in the pipe itself.

Student: John Mathews USA Interactive software for Selection of Technologies for Installation and Replacement of Utilities


Stein & Partner GmbH

Germany Unitracc - Underground Infrastructure Training & Competence Centre
2004 (For work completed in 2003)
Award category Company Country Description
Project 1 Group of Czech companies
- Stavby silnic a zeleznic
- Brochier Ltd, Prague
- Geonika Ltd. Prague and the CZSTT
Czech Republic Trenchless sewer rehabilitation in Marianske Lazne Spa town with 80% of the sewers being rehabilitated using trenchless technologies
Project 2 Community association of Cergy Pontoise France Cergy Pontoise trenchless multitechniques project including Lining, HDD and Microtunnelling
Product: WAVIN Germany Wavin - Compact EndFitting


Thomas Kubat

Czech Republic

Ecological Evaluation of Trenchless Technologies of the example of Rehabilitation of Water Supplies.


In 2003 the Award date was changed to the year in which the Award was presented.  The Awards for work completed in 2003 were presented in 2004, and engraved "No-Dig Award 2004"

Award Company Country Description
Award Company Country Description
Winner Per Aarsleff Polska Sp. z.o.o. (P12) Poland Renovation of gravity and pressure Sewers in Powisle, Warsaw
Commended Anticorrosion Protective Systems  Abu Dhabi Structural Renovation of an 18 water main in Abu Dhabi using close fit PE (Swagelining)
Commended  HBG Civiel Leidingen (NL005) The Netherlands Awarded jointly to HBG and Haustadt and Timmerman Germany Crossing of the River Maas using innovative HDD
Award Company Country Description
Winner Rib Loc Group Ltd (A003) Australia Rotaloc - a spiral wound PVC lining system for structural pipeline rehabilitation. Diameter range 800mm to >2000mm
Commended LMR Drilling (IT171)  Italy Rock and Peat Drill - Installation by HDD of 904m of 1200mm steel gas line in South West England
Commended WOMBAT s.r.o. (CZ28) Czech Republic Rehabilitation of Main Centrum Sewer in Bielsko-Biala, Poland using the KAWO CIPP process. 1.6km of DN 1200-1500 concrete sewer
Award Company Country Description
Winner Prof. Dr-Ing Stein & Partners GmbH (D639)  Germany Technical Information System Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers
Commended City of Pretoria Water Dept@Republic of South Africa South Africa Project for the Rehabilitation of sewers in Pretoria
Commended East Bay Municipal Utility District (U500)  USA Wood Street Interceptor
Award Company Country Description
Winner City of Nanaimo Canada Pipe Bursting for the Millstone Sanitary Sewer Trunk
Commended NTT Corp. Japan For the Intelligent Driving Control System
Commended The Water Corp of Western Australia Australia For Pipeline Maintenance & Renewal Solutions
Award Company Country Description
Winner Insituform East USA Perry Nuclear Power Plant Project
Commended Dr Ing Stein & Partners Germany Structural Calculation of Steel Pipes Driven by Horizontal Ramming
Commended T-S Liao & D-B Tsai Taipei 2nd Purified Water Tank Project, Taipei
Award Company Country Description
Winner Rib Loc Group Ltd (A003) Australia for the Ribsteel Structural Re-Lining System
Award Company Country Description
Winner Automatic Survey   C0-Operated development for the MICLO method
Award Company Country Description
Winner Tokyo Gas; Iseki Poly Tech; Kawasaki & NKK Japan For the Trunk Mole
Award Company Country Description
Winner Kidoh Construction Co. Ltd Japan For a Curved Pipe Jacking System
Commended Iseki Poly-tec Inc. Japan For the UncleMole Super Method
Award Company Country Description
Winner KCMM Association   For a Microtunnelling Method for Shaft Construction
Award Company Company Description
Winner Insituform Technologies Inc. USA For the Remote Inspection, Cleaning & Lining of Sewer Laterals
Commended British Gas (South Eastern) UK For a Technique for Live Insertion
Commended Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Board & Iseki Poly-tec Inc. Japan For the Pipeline Renewal Shield Machine
Award Company Country Description
Winner Consolidated Eddison Co of New York  USA For the ConSplit System
Commended Markham & Co UK For a Reamer for use with microtunnelling machines
Award Company Country Description
Winner Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. Japan For the ACE Mole DC 15M
Award Company Country Description
Winner Decon Engineering Ltd & Bridgwater College UK For a System of Training for Microtunnelling Operators
Award Company Countzry Description
Winner Gas Research Institute; Maurer Engineering & Allied Steel & Tractor Products USA For the Hole Hog Guided Piercing Tool
Commended Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp Japan For the ACE Mole Model 351
Award Company Country Description
Winner Sanwa Kizai Co Ltd Japan For the Enviliner Microtunnelling Machine
Commended Gas Research Institute; Maurer Engineering & Allied Steel Tractor Prods USA For the Guided Horizontal Piercing Tool
Commended Subterra UK For the Rolldown Pipe Insertion System
Award   Company Description
Winner FlowMole Corporation USA For the GuideDril System
Commended D J Ryan & Sons Ltd UK  
Commended Iseki Poly-tec Inc. Japan For the UncleMole System


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