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Programs and Activities

The 2011-2013 Strategic Operating Plan address three operational elements: (1) Trenchless Education and Training; (2) Trenchless Information; and (3) Trenchless Outreach.

Trenchless Education and Training. Trenchless Education and Training includes the annual International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition (No-Digs), and subject matter trenchless seminars and courses (Specialized Training Seminars). No-Digs are ISTT’s principal educational activity. In most cases, No-Digs are co-hosted by an Affiliated Society. The purpose of ISTT No-Digs is to maximize the visibility internationally of trenchless technologies while supporting the education and training activities of Affiliated societies. More information on International NO-DIGS is provided on the dropdown – Annual International No-Digs.

ISTT also offers Specialized Training Courses targeted at audiences with an interest in specific trenchless technologies. They are also effective tools in introducing trenchless methods into a region of the world where it might not be fully understood or appreciated, and can serve as a stimulus to creating trenchless opportunities and markets. More information on Specialized Training is provided on the dropdown – Specialized Training Seminars.


programs & Activities

Outreach/Recognition. ISTT has a number of outreach/recognition activities that support of Affiliated Societies, potential members, and the industry at large. ISTT Annual Awards is a long-standing program targeted recognizing outstanding achievements in the trenchless industry. ISTT also recognizes individual of the trenchless community for their lifetime contribution to trenchless. More information on ISTT’s Award Programs is provided on the dropdown – Awards and Recognition.

ISTT has historically, provided support to the International Trenchless Technology Research Colloquium (ITTRC). The ITTRC is a confederation of university professors and academics in the trenchless field who meet regularly to review research and exchange ideas on research needs. More information on the Colloquium is provided on the dropdown – Research Support.

Trenchless Information. A strategic component of the education and training mission of ISTT is information. Not everyone has access or can participate in the training seminars and courses offered by ISTT. ISTT uses other indirect communications vehicles to inform the public about the benefits of trenchless technologies. ISTT sponsored Trenchless International (TI) - the official magazine of ISTT reports on the activities of Affiliated Societies and of ISTT. ISTT also has a large library of technical papers covering all aspects of trenchless technology, which are available to members and the public at large. The ISTT website affords an opportunity to extend our outreach program to individuals who might not or cannot participate in ISTT’s training courses and seminars. More information on ISTT’s Outreach Programs is provided on the dropdown – Communication and Outreach.

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