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1. CIPP Lining
... above. The inversion method employs a scaffold tower or pressure vessel to apply air or water pressure to turn the liner inside out and push it along the host pipe. CIPP liners also may be installed ...
2. Slip Lining
... (PVC) pipes are most commonly used for continuous slip lining circular, non-man entry pipes. The new pipe is laid out above ground and pulled through an excavated pit into the host pipe. The new pipe is ...
3. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... as shown in the above drawing. During the installation processing the outside diameter of the thermoplastic pipe is reduced to less than the minimum bore diameter of the host pipe. The outside diameter ...
4. Auger Boring
Auger boring is generally used to install steel casing pipe in relatively soft stable ground conditions such as clay or soils with contained cobbles located above the water table. The auger boring process ...
5. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
... located on spools above ground are fed to a winding machine. The winding machine rotates causing the edges of the profile strips to interlock forming a water-tight liner. The rotational action advances ...
6. Pilot Tube
... of the pilot tube between the jacking and reception shafts using the method described above. Once the pilot tube has been installed, a reaming head coupled with auger casings are jacked along the path ...
7. Leak Detection
There are a number of methods for surveying and locating leaks in pressurized pipes. Methods vary from simple hand-held acoustic receivers operated above ground to in-pipe, free-swimming leak detectors. ...
8. Localized Sealing
... to line the main at the connection. Seals may extend a short length into the lateral, up to the first joint, or extend further into the lateral above the ground water line. Some main/lateral seals also ...
9. Join ISTT
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... and benefits of ISTT membership described above.For adding a second person to the list, please contact, after becoming the member of ISTT.Please contact us at, if you have any ...
... protecting the environment and/or reduce social costs? Are the above benefits clear from the entry? Is the entry innovative, ingenious, elegant or novel? Is the entry commercially and economically ...
11. 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... strength values exceeded ASTM minimum standards and generally fell within a narrow range.  Except for two samples, the flexural modulus values were above the ASTM minimum standard. The variation ...
12. ISTT Photo Competition
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... attached. Applicants will receive an email confirmation that their application has been received. Applications will be judged on five factors: (1) Image Quality (above 300 dpi); (2) Aesthetics; (3) ...
13. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... and training courses. The benefits package for 2010 for individual members is identical to those stated above and provided in 2009. The 2010 annual dues for Individual members will be increase slightly ...
14. The History of the ISTT
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... and others the ISTT may never have come into being - or at least not as soon as it did. Noted above are just a few of the key people who had a hand in creating the ISTT twenty years ago when trenchless ...

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