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1. Communication & Outreach
... informative articles on trenchless projects and activities, reports on the activities of Affiliated Societies and of ISTT, carries timely messages from the Chairman and Executive Director of ISTT, and ...
2. The ISTT Team
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... activities in trenchless technology projects. Mr. Torun is a founding member of TSITT (Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology) and currently serving as the Chairman of the TSITT. ...
3. Programs and Activities
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... while supporting the education and training activities of Affiliated societies. More information on International NO-DIGS is provided on the dropdown – Annual International No-Digs. ISTT also offers ...
4. Organization
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... Executive Director and Membership Secretary who manage and implement the programs and activities of ISTT. (Click here for backgrounds on each of these people)  ...
... work completed in 2015-17 and must be endorsed by the Affiliated Society where the activity took place. Award application for activities outside of a region with an affiliated society are exempt from this ...
6. Awards and Recognition
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... industry. The application must state the name of the nominee, list relevant professional and educational background, and describe in 1,000 words or less the specific actions and activities of the candidate ...
7. ISTT Photo Competition
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... 2013 International No-Dig in Sydney. The Album will be a hard-copy, high-quality publication of photographs with associated descriptions that illustrate the many activities of the industry. The application ...
8. Strategic Plan to the Year 2010
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... at the fore-front in trenchless development and promotion activities worldwide". There are a number of issues which make up the major challenges facing the ISTT for the next four years. These ...

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