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1. Join ISTT
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... member by completing the membership form below and paying annual dues to ISTT.ISTT has two classes of memberships: Individual and Corporate. Individual membership dues are £30 ($49) annually. Corporate ...
2. No-Dig Award
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... recognise the achievements of corporate or individual members, as judged by their peer group. Since 1986 entries have been invited for the annual NO-DIG Award for the most notable advance or achievement ...
3. Programs and Activities
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... Trenchless Education and Training includes the annual International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition (No-Digs), and subject matter trenchless seminars and courses (Specialized Training Seminars). No-Digs ...
4. Organization
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... for seeing that the Society is functioning as required by UK law, is meeting the objectives of the Society, and is sound financially. Guarantors meet annually to review the operations and finances of the ...
5. ISTT International NO-DIGS
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The Annual International No-Dig Conference is the flagship of ISTT’s education and training effort. Over the course of its 25-year history, ISTT has held 29 International No-Digs, all but five of which ...
6. Research Support
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ISTT provides financial support to the Trenchless Technology Colloquium (Colloquium). The Colloquium is comprised of academics and researchers from Affiliated Societies, who meet annually to share research ...
7. Awards and Recognition
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ISTT No-Dig AwardsISTT annually recognizes trenchless achievements through its No-Dig Awards program. Four topics are eligible for this Award: (1) Academic research or training aid/course; (2) Trenchless ...
8. Lifetime Service Award
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... have won eight first place ISTT Annual Awards, a testimonial to the commitment of CzSTT members and Stanislav Drabek to trenchless solutions.   2013- ...
9. ISTT Membership Benefits
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Dear ISTT members and those interested in joining ISTT, We are glad to inform you that the ISTT has made changes in its member package and annual membership dues structure that should benefit many ...
10. Strategic Plan to the Year 2010
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... of the Society is managed by a part time Secretary supported by a full time Membership Secretary and a retained Technical Consultant. Their cost, at current prices, represents 57% of the total annual income ...

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