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1. Chemical Grouting
Method for the treatment of the ground around a shaft or pipeline, using non-cementitious compounds, to facilitate or make possible the installation of an underground structure. ...
2. Grouting
The process of filling voids or modifying/improving ground conditions. Grouting materials may be cementitious, chemical or other mixtures. In microtunneling grouting may be used to fill voids around the ...
3. Lubrication
Means of reducing friction either around a pipe being jacked or a shaft being sunk into the ground. ...
4. Thrust Ring
A steel ring that is placed against the cross sectional area of the pipe to ensure that the jacking forces are spread around the circumference of the pipe. ...
5. Joint Grouting
... the defect. To avoid clogging the feed pipes, two part epoxy resin grouts are fed to the packer in two pipes where it is mixed just prior to injection.   Once the space around the packer and the ...
6. Flood Grouting
... matrix that binds the soil and consolidates the ground around the defects. After the completion of the reaction of the two chemical solutions, the second solution is pumped out. The sewer is flushed, the ...
... pipes (greater than 300 mm). Lighting must be evenly distributed around the surface of the pipe, should illuminate the pipe approximately 2 meters ahead of the camera, and should provide good contrast. ...
... topics related to working on underground utilities. Hope to receive many entries from all around the world. ISTT team -  ...
9. Past Winners
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... of Victoria (the Otway Basin). MacCormick used a microtunnelling retraction system to install a 1200mm OD casing around the gas pipe. Student: Jiri Granilla (Czech Technical University) Czech ...
10. The History of the ISTT
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... all around the globe through its its international and regional conferences, seminars and affiliates. Today there are 25 affiliated societies and 3500 members worldwide carrying the trenchless message. ...

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