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There are currently almost 1500 papers available in the ISTT database. Papers from the International No Dig (2000 - 2017), North American shows  (2001 - 2007) are available in the PDF format. Abstracts ...
2. Communication & Outreach
... technology. The CD proceedings containing these papers are distributed to all conference attendees. ISTT makes the full library of technical papers from past No-Dig Conferences available free of charge ...
3. Ground Pentrating Radar
There are a wide range of techniques available to locate buried pipes. Most of these systems use electromagnetic waves or signals transmitted into the ground or from underground utilities. These technologies ...
... systems that measure the profile of the pipe; and sonar for assessing pipe conditions in flooded sections and inverts. Advanced software is also available that control the progress of the survey and process ...
5. Localized Sealing
Localized seals are available to repair pipe defects at joints or over short distances along the pipe, and to seal defective connections between mains and laterals. There are two general types of localized ...
6. Conference Papers
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Conference Papers: “International No-Dig Conference Papers” “About 1500 articles available in our database. The largest knowledgebase of our industry” “All free for members and at a very ...
7. Programs and Activities
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... technology, which are available to members and the public at large. The ISTT website affords an opportunity to extend our outreach program to individuals who might not or cannot participate in ISTT’s training ...
8. Membership Area
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...  Back number issues of "Trenchless International"-free ( Download it ) ISTT Photo Book Now Available ( Purchase now )  ...
9. 2013 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... stronger Sekisui Expanda Pipe with double the stiffness of previously available Expanda Pipe. Use a more powerful Winding Machine and A large robotic cutter to secure the liner to the host ...
10. 2015 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... that limited available space to string the pipe. In spite of the many challenges, The Ekol Yapı HDD team, with the continuous support of Herrenknecht AG,successfully completed Turkey’s 2 longest HDD crossings. ...
    The Wonders of Trenchless Technologies: A Pictorial presents trenchless at work. Over 100 colorful and fascinating photos from throughout the world illustrate ...
12. Affiliated Societies no
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... and Individual membership levels are available.Successful National Conferences have been held in Melbourne (1992/2004), Sydney (1994/2002/2008), Perth (1996) and Brisbane (1998). International NO-DIG was ...

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