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1. Thrust Pit
Working shaft at the beginning of the jacked section of pipeline in which the specialist equipment is installed, and from which jacking operations are carried out. ...
...  Once the pilot bore reaches the exit area, the reaming and installation the product pipe phase begins. The hole is reamed in one or more passes to the required diameter. When the bore is large enough ...
... systems. The basic CCTV system includes the camera and transport, connecting cables, recording equipment, monitor, and software. The camera begins its survey with the distance counter set at zero corresponding ...
4. ISTT International NO-DIGS
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... have been co-hosted by member Affiliated Societies. ISTT International No-Digs have been held throughout the world from Europe to the Americas, to Asia and Australasia. From the beginning, ISTT No-Digs ...
5. 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... panels are loaded onto the hub and inserted into the lateral to be reopened. Power is applied and the cutting begins. Once the cutter passes through the liner wall, the cutter is pulled back the drill ...
6. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... of you. Beginning in 2010, Corporate membership annual dues will be substantially reduced from £250 ($412) to only £70 ($115). In addition, Corporate members may, at no additional cost, add a second ...

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