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Spray-on coating used primarily for corrosion protection of small diameter metal pipelines. Cement mortar and concrete linings can also provide structural and leak protection benefits in larger man-entry ...
2. Gold Medal History
... word on the use and benefits of trenchless applications worldwide.    ...
3. Cement mortar Liner
... and leak protection benefits in larger man-entry pipes or tunnels. The host pipe must be thoroughly cleaned of hard deposits, nodules, scale, corrosion and other debris and substantially dry prior to application ...
4. Join ISTT
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... and benefits of ISTT membership described above.For adding a second person to the list, please contact, after becoming the member of ISTT.Please contact us at, if you have any ...
5. Programs and Activities
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... or can participate in the training seminars and courses offered by ISTT. ISTT uses other indirect communications vehicles to inform the public about the benefits of trenchless technologies. ISTT sponsored ...
... protecting the environment and/or reduce social costs? Are the above benefits clear from the entry? Is the entry innovative, ingenious, elegant or novel? Is the entry commercially and economically ...
7. Membership Area
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Welcome to the Member's only area of the ISTT website. Membership benefits:   Conference papers full download-free ( Search now )  ...
8. Lifetime Service Award
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... membership in ISTT in the late 1980s, Mr. Drabek became familiar with the potential opportunities and benefits of trenchless. In 1990, Mr. Drabek formed AD Servis Terrabor – a trenchless construction company. ...
9. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... member to their Corporate membership. The second or Secondary member will be entitled to all benefits of ISTT membership including membership access to the ISTT website services including: • free downloads ...
10. The History of the ISTT
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... methods were still in relative obscurity as a viable option to the underground infrastructure community. Over the years, the ISTT has been instrumental in educating and promoting the benefits of trnchless ...

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