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1. Adapter Ring
A fabricated ring, usually made from steel, that serves to mate the microtunneling machine to the first pipe section. The purpose of the adapter ring is to create a waterproof seal between the machine ...
2. Angular Deflection
The angle between two consecutive pipes ...
3. Annular Filler
Material for grouting the annular space between the host pipeline and the lining system. ...
4. Annular Space
The void created by the difference in diameters between the shield and jacking pipe. ...
5. Caulking
General trenchless technology term that refers to methods for closing joints within a pipeline or between lining segments. ...
Renovation method which seals a length of pipeline between two access points by employing a chemical solution pumped into the pipe and surrounding ground. Such systems perform a variety of functions including ...
7. Compression Ring
A ring fitted between the end-bearing area of the bell and spigot to help distribute applied loads more uniformally. The compression ring is attached to the trailing end of each pipe and is compressed ...
8. Contact Grout
A cement or bentonite-cement based mixture injected to fill annular space between pipe and the surrounding formation, or other voids. ...
A fabricated steel cylinder fitted with hydraulic jacks that is incorporated into a pipeline between two pipes segments. Its function is to distribute the jacking load over the pipe string on long dri ...
10. Joint
Flexible sealing and jointing arrangement between two pipes. ...
11. Joint Sealing
Method in which an inflatable packer is inserted into a pipeline to span a leaking joint, resin or grout is injected into the annulus between the packer and pipeline until the joint is sealed and the packer ...
12. Localised Repair
Repair work on a pipe, particularly sewerage, for lengths less than the run between two adjacent access points. ...
13. Overcut
The annular space between the excavated hole and the outside diameter of the jacking pipe. ...
14. Packing
Material placed between pipe joints to distribute the jacking loads. ...
15. Pressure Plate
A steel pressure plate located between the rear end of the jacks and the thrust wall to backspread concentrated loadings. ...
16. Skin Friction
The resisting force created between pipes and soil when the pipes are jacked forward. ...
17. Swivels
Devices placed between the reamer and the duct puller or pulling head to eliminate rotation of the product during pullback. ...
18. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... and aligned in the jacking shaft.  The jacks are then retracted and the slurry lines and control cables are disconnected.  A product pipe or casing is lowered into the shaft and inserted between ...
19. Slip Lining
... process. After the new pipe has been installed, the annular space between the new and host pipe is grouted. Grout may serve only to restrain the new pipe and transfer load from the existing pipe. The ...
20. Pipe Bursting
... conditions.  For sewer replacement, burst lengths are generally 91 to 137 m (300 to 450 ft), which is the typical distance between manhole locations in a built up municipal setting.  Potable ...
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