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1. Alignment
Planned and actual location in the vertical and horizontal direction of the product from the entry pit to the exit pit. ...
2. Drill Rig
A trenchless machine that installs pipes and cables by drilling a pilot bore to establish the location of the underground utility before enlarging the hole if needed and pulling back the product. ...
3. Fold & Form Lining
Method of pipeline rehabilitation in which a liner is folded to reduce its size before insertion and reversion to its original shape by the application of pressure and/or heat. ...
4. Guide Rails
Steel or timber rails set firmly in the thrust pit to give directional control of the pipes to be jacked and for accurate location of the pipe joints. ...
5. Hose Lining
Lining system for pressure applications where a woven flat fiber reinforced polyethylene hose is pulled into the host pipe and secured by special end fittings. Once inserted, the woven hose liner is inflated ...
6. Launch Seal
... lubrication inflow into the shaft during tunneling operations. ...
7. Location
Trenchless procedures for identifying the site of underground utilities, infrastructure, obstructions, etc. without excavation or with minimum excavation.
8. Lubrication
Means of reducing friction either around a pipe being jacked or a shaft being sunk into the ground.
9. Pipe Lubricant
See Lubrication ...
10. Pointing
Method of repairing a brick sewer or manhole by the application of cement mortar where loss has occurred. ...
11. Sonde
Transmitter located near the front of an HDD drill string that sends an electronic signal that provides location and depth of the drill string near the bit. The sonde signal also transmits pitch, roll, ...
Underground construction methods of utility installation, rehabilitation, inspection, location and leak detection, with minimum excavation from the surface. ...
13. Tunneling
... support system at the location of material excavation. ...
14. Wireline
Surface system consisting of a grid of energized wire coil, which in combination with a downhole survey probe, tracks the location of the drill string. ...
15. Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Location Technologies
(Attached to Article: Ground Pentrating Radar)
Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Location Technologies (Filename: ground-penetrating-radar.pdf) | Description:Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Location Technologies ...
16. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... a lubrication system to lubricate the exterior of the pipe string during installation, a guidance system to provide line and grade control, an electrical supply and distribution system to power equipment, ...
... linked together to form a drill string for advancing the drill bit and for pulling back reamers and products; (3) a transmitter/receiver for tracking and recording the location of the drill and product; ...
18. CIPP Lining
... up to 900m have been installed in a single shot. The resin impregnated liner may cure at ambient temperature but the cure is more usually accelerated by application of heat by circulation of inversion ...
19. Slip Lining
... grout may cause the new and host pipe to act as a composite, increasing the pipe’s ring stiffness and its resistance to external hydrostatic loads. The proper selection and application of grout is often ...
20. Pipe Bursting
... diverse in size, material type, and function including water, sewer, or gas pipelines. Pipe bursting is used to replace brittle pipes such as clay, concrete and cast iron through the application of a ...
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