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1. Communication & Outreach
... ISTT members and others in the industry. Click here for more information on Trenchless International. ISTT generates a large number of peer-reviewed technical papers covering all aspects of trenchless ...
The No-Dig Award 2017 winners are now on the ISTT web site. Click here to see the descriptions.  ...
3. What is ISTT
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... the years that followed, ISTT affiliated with regional trenchless societies located throughout the world to advance these objectives globally. ISTT has 27 Affiliated Societies. (Click here for list of ...
4. No-Dig Award
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... full details and how to enter, click here.  ...
5. Organization
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... Executive Director and Membership Secretary who manage and implement the programs and activities of ISTT. (Click here for backgrounds on each of these people)  ...
6. ISTT International NO-DIGS
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... from company experts. Click here to view the upcoming No-Digs.       ...
7. Awards and Recognition
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... Conference. Since 1986, ISTT has recognized more than 60 trenchless organizations and individuals through this program. Click here to see previous No-Dig Award winners. Anyone is eligible to ...
8. ISTT Photo Competition
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... technologies and geographical locations. The closing date is 31st May 2013.   Click here to access the ISTT Trenchless Technology Photo Competition application form. ISTT seeks contributions from ...
9. ISTT Photo Competition Sponsorship
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...  Individual Sponsor Acknowledgement Individual Name  Individual Title  Individual Company Click below ...
10. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... regards, John Hemphill Executive Director ISTT P.S.: You can apply for the ISTT membership online. To do so, please click the menu item Membership Entry form Anyone or any organization that ...
11. The History of the ISTT
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...  Click here for a complete history of the ISTT (PDF)  ...
12. Current year
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... conditions. * = Click for a detailed description  ...
13. Strategic Plan to the Year 2010
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... which pays an affiliation fee to the ISTT which, in return, provides additional membership value. Click the link for a detailed description of the ISTT Strategic Objectives  ...
14. No-Dig Berlin
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The 29th International No-Dig Conference & Exhibition will be held in Berlin, Germany. Date: 2-5 May 2011 Click here for the website of the No-Dig Berlin  ...
15. The structure of the ISTT
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Click here for a detailed profile of the ISTT (PDF) ...

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