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1. The ISTT Team
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... guidelines. ┬áJari is also an active member of the international trenchless community serving as a keynote speaker and lecturer at trenchless conferences in Finland and abroad, and is a regular participant ...
2. Programs and Activities
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... Awards is a long-standing program targeted recognizing outstanding achievements in the trenchless industry. ISTT also recognizes individual of the trenchless community for their lifetime contribution to ...
3. Awards and Recognition
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...  Click here for more information on applying for an ISTT No-Dig Award. ISTT Affiliated Society Lifetime Service Award In the mid to late 80s, leaders in the trenchless construction community ...
4. Past Winners
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... Marianske Lazne Spa town with 80% of the sewers being rehabilitated using trenchless technologies Project 2 Community association of Cergy Pontoise France Cergy Pontoise trenchless multitechniques ...
5. The History of the ISTT
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... methods were still in relative obscurity as a viable option to the underground infrastructure community. Over the years, the ISTT has been instrumental in educating and promoting the benefits of trnchless ...
6. Strategic Plan to the Year 2010
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... that ISTT has developed for the year 2010 and beyond is: "to be internationally recognised and acknowledged as the reference point for the global trenchless community, and acclaimed for its position ...

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