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1. Drilling Fluid
Largely comprised of water, drilling fluids usually include bentonite and if warranted other additives such as soda ash, polymers, and detergents to address water and soils properties that could compromise ...
... fluids (returns) is dug at the point of entry and at the planned exit point. The drill string, comprised of a series of drill rods, is advanced by a combination of rotation and thrust supplied by the rig. ...
3. Ground Pentrating Radar
... dry sandy or hard materials such as concrete, granite, and dry sandstone. A GPR system is comprised of transmitter located on or near the ground that focuses electromagnetic waves into the ground. The ...
4. Organization
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... Society. ISTT is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the Officers of the Society and one Accredited Representative from each Affiliated Society. The role of the Board is, among other things, ...
5. Research Support
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ISTT provides financial support to the Trenchless Technology Colloquium (Colloquium). The Colloquium is comprised of academics and researchers from Affiliated Societies, who meet annually to share research ...

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