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1. Contact Grout
A cement or bentonite-cement based mixture injected to fill annular space between pipe and the surrounding formation, or other voids.
2. Hose Lining
... to the service pressure expanding the liner until it contacts the wall of the host pipe.  ...
3. Push Ring Adapter
Mechanical structure mounted on the thrust ring to prevent the thrust ring from coming into contact with the pipe collar and causing damage to the collar. ...
... and de-silting hydro cyclones. The residual material is removed for disposal. ISTT offers specialized training courses on horizontal directional drilling. Contact ISTT at for more information ...
5. CIPP Lining
... by winching into place through a manhole or specially prepared access point and inflated to come into close contact with the circumference of the existing pipe. The liner is restrained in any intermediate ...
6. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
... or non-circular applications, the machine can travel along the host pipe. The traveling machine installs the spiral wound liner in contact with the host pipe forming a close-fit liner that generally conforms ...
... liner to the host pipe. Once inserted, the woven hose liner is inflated to the service pressure expanding the liner until it contacts the wall of the host pipe. Woven hose liners are fully structural up ...
8. Join ISTT - Thank you page
We have sent an email to your registered email address.   Please check your inbox to find the bank account information (and Paypal link)  for your payment We will contact you  as soon as we confirm ...
9. Join ISTT
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... and benefits of ISTT membership described above.For adding a second person to the list, please contact, after becoming the member of ISTT.Please contact us at, if you have any ...
10. Upcoming No-Dig International
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... The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) Website: Contact: Paul Harwood Email:   The 37th (2019) International No-Dig ...
11. Credits
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... web/digital agency. Note: All digital drawings by Pavoneggi. For more information, please contact us:  ...
12. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... from £25 ($41) to £30 ($49) to better reflect the cost and value of benefits provide Individual members of ISTT. Please contact me or Kyoko Kondo at, if you have any questions. Best ...
...    If you wish to purchase 5 or more Books or to pay by bank transfer, please contact Your order will be shipped to you upon payment.         ...
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15. For sharing - RFP for ISTT website
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This page is for sharing questions and answered within all applicants. For any questions, please contact Either John Hemphill (Executive Director) or Kyoko Kondo (Assistant Administrator) ...
16. ISTT
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ISTT, We do not offer any training program. Please contact your local society for more information., Miscellanous info ...

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