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1. Alignment
Planned and actual location in the vertical and horizontal direction of the product from the entry pit to the exit pit. ...
2. Closed Shield
A shield with a closed pressure chamber or cutting head which does not allow direct access to the face. ...
See Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) ...
4. Guide Rails
Steel or timber rails set firmly in the thrust pit to give directional control of the pipes to be jacked and for accurate location of the pipe joints. ...
... required for the product pipe. During the pilot bore the direction of the drill string is controlled by the orientation of a slanted face to the drill head, eccentric fluid jets or a combination of these, ...
6. Intersect Method
Horizontial directional drilling method that allows accurate installation over longer distances than can be achieved by conventional means. The Intersect method employs two rigs starting from opposite ...
7. Open Shield
A shield that allows direct access to the soil face. ...
8. Pilot Bore
First, usually steerable, pass of any boring operation which later requires back-reaming or other enlargement. Most commonly applied to guided drilling, directional drilling and 2-pass microtunnelling ...
9. Pipe Jacking
A system of directly installing pipes behind a shield machine by hydraulic jacking from a drive shaft such that pipes form a continuous string in the ground. ...
10. Pull-Back
That part of a guided boring or directional drilling operation in which the drill string is pulled back through the bore to the entry pit or surface rig, usually installing the product pipe at the same ...
11. Pull-Back Force
Tensile load applied to a drill string during pull-back. Guided boring and directional drilling rigs are generally rated by their maximum pull-back force. ...
12. Survey Tools
Downhole equipment and instruments used to determine the position of a bore in directional drilling or in site investigation. ...
13. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
(Attached to Article: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD))
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) (Filename: horizontal-directional-drilling.pdf) | Description:Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) ...
... HDD is best suited for installing pressure pipes and conduits where precise grades are not required. The main components of HDD are: (1) a directional drill rig sized for the job at hand; (2) drill rods ...
15. Pipe Reaming
... well suited for replacing and upsizing pipes in stiff soils and rock where pipe bursting may not be an option. The new pipe is typically a thermoplastic pipe suitable for installations using directional ...
16. Communication & Outreach
... informative articles on trenchless projects and activities, reports on the activities of Affiliated Societies and of ISTT, carries timely messages from the Chairman and Executive Director of ISTT, and ...
17. Pipe Ramming
... cobbles, and boulders. Pipe ramming is also used to install wash-over casings in directional drilling operations to bypass difficult soil conditions at the launch or exit areas. Pipe ramming is a ...
18. Pilot Tube
... screen. A camera mounted on a digital theodolite provides a real-time image of the LED target through the optical path in the hollow tubes. The operator controls the direction of the pilot tube by rotating ...
19. Impact Moling
...  Some newer impact moles are steerable. The method of steering is similar to that used in pilot bores and directional drilling. A steerable mole has a slant face rather than a chisel-tip face. The ...
20. Vacuum Excavation Potholing
... vacuums may be used to remove spoils associated with directional drilling and tunneling operations. In addition, vacuums are sometimes used to support hand tunneling and auger boring operations where the ...
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