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1. Product Pipe
Pipe used for the conveyance of water, gas, sewage, and other products and services. ...
... linked together to form a drill string for advancing the drill bit and for pulling back reamers and products; (3) a transmitter/receiver for tracking and recording the location of the drill and product; ...
3. Gold Medal History
... served as Chair of ISTT where his innovative streak and great diplomacy resulted in a fundamental restructuring of the way ISTT conducts its business. He implemented a fundamental change and a significant ...
4. No-Dig Award
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... in Trenchless Technology, as judged by the ISTT Technical Panel. Entries may relate to the practical use or development of Systems or equipment for the installation or rehabilitation of pipes or ducts ...
5. ISTT International NO-DIGS
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... provides No-Dig attendees an opportunity to see first-hand the latest the industry has to offer and to learn about the application and operations of wide variety of trenchless products and services directly ...
6. Past Winners
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... or ducts. She concluded that integrated concept offers many advantages including spatial economy, utility security, ease of operation and maintenance of services, and lower adverse environment and land ...

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