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1. Microtunnel
A remote control method of installing pipes using a fully guided microtunneling machine. ...
2. Pump Capacity
... to successfully perform an installation.  ...
3. Thrust/Pullback
Measured in pounds or similar measurements of force; along with torque and pump capacity, one of three measurements typically used to describe and classify drill rigs and their suitability to successfully ...
4. Torque
... suitability to successfully perform an installation. ...
5. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... The liner pipe outside diameter is chosen to be slightly less than the minimum bore diameter of the host pipeline to be lined. This ensures that the liner deploys fully on reversion to avoid the formation ...
6. Cement mortar Liner
... and slower to cure and may cause blockage of utility connections, which must be cleared. In larger man-entry tunnels and pipes, cement-based coatings can be used to create semi or fully structural liners ...
... liner to the host pipe. Once inserted, the woven hose liner is inflated to the service pressure expanding the liner until it contacts the wall of the host pipe. Woven hose liners are fully structural up ...
8. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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... See Trenchless Guidelines for details. Trenchless technologies are and have been used successfully for all underground utilities from, water, sewer, gas, and industrial pipelines to electrical conduit ...
9. Programs and Activities
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... it might not be fully understood or appreciated, and can serve as a stimulus to creating trenchless opportunities and markets. More information on Specialized Training is provided on the dropdown – Specialized ...
...  Accuracy or size of installation; Materials used; Ground conditions successfully dealt with; Improved acceptability for clients, operators and/or environment; Underground detection, recording ...
11. Awards and Recognition
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... Service Award so long as the individual fully meets the criteria for this award. Click here to see the Lifetime Service Award winners   ISTT Gold MedalISTT recognizes individuals ...
12. 2011 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... truck and had it ready to use in 3 weeks including the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The project was completed successfully on time and has won over the customer on merits of trenchless technology ...
13. 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... to a close fit, spiral wound in-place, ambient cured-in-place pipe, UV cured-in-place pipe and pipe bursting to successfully complete the project. This project is an excellent example of using trenchless ...
14. 2013 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... on the CCTV inspection image quality than luminance. The image quality index was successfully applied to CCTV images from sewer inspection of house connections. In the future, a real‐time CCTV imaging ...
15. 2014 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... was grouted to help spread the loads created by the installation of the nearby tunnels.   The UKDN Waterflow’s trenchless solution was successfully engineered and executed as planned on a complex ...
16. 2015 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... applied both traditional and forward reaming to open a 48” hole. The 36” pipe of approximately 230 tons was successfully pulled into the hole. The highest pulling force applied during the entire project ...
17. 2016 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... and 750 tons of compression was installed using a MTBM and two intermediary jacking stations. The pipeline was successfully installed and up and working well before the Olympic Games.     ...
18. Past Winners
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... stand alone liner of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene. The product is an inert material, easy to install with a long shelf life. The Aqualiner process* has recently been successfully trialed in the ...
19. Current year
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... built and tested a new inversion vessel and had it ready to use in 3 weeks. The project, which was completed successfully on time, has won over the customer on merits of trenchless technology. Product ...
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