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1. Tunneling
A construction method of excavating an opening beneath the ground without continuous disturbance of the ground surface and of large enough diameter to allow individuals access and erection of a ground ...
2. Gold Medal History
ISTT recognizes individuals who are judged to have made an outstanding and exceptional individual contribution to trenchless technology. This special award has been presented only five times in the 25-year ...
3. Join ISTT
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... and is entitled to all rights and privileges of ISTT membership. Any individual or organization that wishes to join ISTT and that does not reside in a region with an Affiliated Society may become an ISTT ...
4. No-Dig Award
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... recognise the achievements of corporate or individual members, as judged by their peer group. Since 1986 entries have been invited for the annual NO-DIG Award for the most notable advance or achievement ...
5. Programs and Activities
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... Awards is a long-standing program targeted recognizing outstanding achievements in the trenchless industry. ISTT also recognizes individual of the trenchless community for their lifetime contribution to ...
6. Organization
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... The ESC includes the three Officers of ISTT, i.e., Chairman, Vice Chairman and Immediate Past Chairman, and seven individuals, who are members of ISTT and nominated by their Societies. The ISTT has an ...
7. Awards and Recognition
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... Conference. Since 1986, ISTT has recognized more than 60 trenchless organizations and individuals through this program. Click here to see previous No-Dig Award winners. Anyone is eligible to ...
8. Disclaimer
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... will be punished.5. Legal validity of this disclaimerThis disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement ...
9. 2015 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... available on-site use. The flexible structure of DICAT allows individuals to study at a time and pace best suited their situation. The flexible structure also allows employers to take advantage of down ...
10. ISTT Photo Competition
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... our Corporate and Individual members, and from other interested parties, to help support the cost of publishing the Album. ISTT has established two levels of sponsorship: Corporate and Individual. The ...
11. ISTT Photo Competition Sponsorship
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... page and on the ISTT Photo Competition website. You may become a Corporate Sponsor for $2,500 USD or an Individual Sponsor for $250 USD.   Sponsor recognition in the Album and ISTT ...
12. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... and training courses. The benefits package for 2010 for individual members is identical to those stated above and provided in 2009. The 2010 annual dues for Individual members will be increase slightly ...
13. Affiliated Societies no
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... and Individual membership levels are available.Successful National Conferences have been held in Melbourne (1992/2004), Sydney (1994/2002/2008), Perth (1996) and Brisbane (1998). International NO-DIG was ...

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