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1. Advance Rate
Speed of advance of a pipe jack or other trenchless installation through the ground, generally expressed as either millimetres per minute or metres per day. ...
2. Back Reamer
Cutting head attached to the leading end of a drill string to enlarge the pilot bore during a pull-back operation to enable the product pipe to be installed. ...
3. Chemical Grouting
Method for the treatment of the ground around a shaft or pipeline, using non-cementitious compounds, to facilitate or make possible the installation of an underground structure. ...
Method of lining with a continuous pipe for which the cross section is reduced to facilitate installation, and reverted after installation to provide a close fit to the existing pipe. ...
... after installation. ...
6. Crossing
Pipeline installation in which the primary purpose is to provide one or more passages beneath a surface obstruction. ...
7. Discrete Sliplining
... smaller than their final diameter after installation. ...
8. Drill Rig
A trenchless machine that installs pipes and cables by drilling a pilot bore to establish the location of the underground utility before enlarging the hole if needed and pulling back the product. ...
9. Drilling Fluid
... the successful completion of the HDD installation.  ...
10. Ferro-Cement
Material comprising cementitious and steel elements to form a structural lining, which is either placed in situ in a man-entry size pipeline or tunnel, or is preformed into segments for later installa ...
Method for the installation of pipes, conduits and cables using a surface-launched drilling rig. A pilot bore is drilled using a rotating drill string and is then enlarged by a back reamer to the size ...
12. Intersect Method
Horizontial directional drilling method that allows accurate installation over longer distances than can be achieved by conventional means. The Intersect method employs two rigs starting from opposite ...
13. Jacking Shaft
An excavation from which trenchless technology equipment is launched for the installation or removal of a pipeline, conduit, or cable. May include a thrust wall to spread reaction loads to the ground. ...
14. Live Insertion
Method of installation of a liner while the product pipe remains in service. ...
15. Low Load Method
A pipe jacking method in which separate provision is made to carry the jacking load, the pipe being installed carrying little or none of the jacking force. ...
16. Microtunnel
A remote control method of installing pipes using a fully guided microtunneling machine. ...
17. Mole Ploughing
Method of installing a pipeline by pulling a plough through the ground while a continuous length of pipe is fed into the top of the plough and buried from the tail. ...
18. Narrow Trenching
Method of excavation of a trench up to 100 mm wider than the outside diameter of the service to be installed, usually employing either a rockwheel or chain type trencher. ...
19. New Installation
Construction of a new pipe or underground utility to replace or upgrade an existing system or to provide new service.
20. Open Cut
Underground construction method involving excavation from ground level to the level required for the installation, maintenance or inspection of a pipe, conduit or cable. Upon completion of the work, the ...
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