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1. Interjack Pipes
Pipes specially designed for use with an intermediate jacking station. ...
A fabricated steel cylinder fitted with hydraulic jacks that is incorporated into a pipeline between two pipes segments. Its function is to distribute the jacking load over the pipe string on long dri
3. Intersect Method
Horizontial directional drilling method that allows accurate installation over longer distances than can be achieved by conventional means. The Intersect method employs two rigs starting from opposite ...
The pipe immediately ahead of, or attached to, the interjack shield. ...
That part of a project, usually before renovation work on a pipeline, that includes preparatory cleaning and internal inspection. ...
Internal cleaning of pipelines, particularly sewers, prior to inspection, usually with water jetting and removal of material where appropriate. ...
The recessed pipe immediately behind the interjack station which slides into the rear of the shield. ...
8. Water Jetting
Internal cleaning mechanism of the cutterhead in which high-pressure water is sprayed from nozzles to help remove cohesive soils. ...
9. CIPP Lining
... by external groundwater and internal service pressure, and by soil and traffic acting on the pipe.  The liner is thoroughly saturated with polyester, vinyl ester epoxy or silicate resin using vacuum, ...
10. Search for Conference Papers
There are currently almost 1500 papers available in the ISTT database. Papers from the International No Dig (2000 - 2017), North American shows  (2001 - 2007) are available in the PDF format. Abstracts ...
11. Communication & Outreach
ISTT sponsors Trenchless International (TI) - the official magazine of ISTT. TI, which is published quarterly by Great Southern Press (GSP), is an industry magazine with a worldwide circulation. TI carries ...
12. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... or tension but will return to original shape when the external force is removed or internal pressure is applied. This property allows the thermoplastic pipe to be temporarily deformed and pulled into the ...
13. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
... located on spools above ground are fed to a winding machine. The winding machine rotates causing the edges of the profile strips to interlock forming a water-tight liner. The rotational action advances ...
14. Gold Medal History
... 2001. 1996, No-Dig New Orleans E W (Ted) Flaxman was the founder of the ISTT; ISTT’s first Chairman, and Chairman Emeritus. He organised the first international trenchless conference in London - "No-Dig ...
15. Cement mortar Liner
... mortar provides two benefits. First and foremost, cement mortar linings are highly alkaline and protect the host pipe against metallic corrosion. In addition, the relatively smooth internal surface of ...
16. Pipe Extraction
... pulling in the new pipe. An example of a typical pipe extraction system involves a steel cable fitted with cones that can be expanded to grip the internal wall of the existing service line. The cable is ...
17. Leak Detection
... created by pipe fluid as it escapes the pipe to indentify and locate leaks in pressurized pipes. The intensity of the sound associated with a leak will depend on internal operating pressure of the pipe ...
18. CCTV
... to the point where the camera image records the edge of maintenance hole and pipe interface. As the camera progresses down the pipe, the distance from its launch point is recorded. Other information such ...
19. Conference Papers
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Conference Papers: “International No-Dig Conference Papers” “About 1500 articles available in our database. The largest knowledgebase of our industry” “All free for members and at a very ...
20. Join ISTT
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... Resource Centre TRC. ISTT members also receive quarterly mailings of Trenchless International (TI) - ISTT’s official magazine, and receive TI’s email reports: In addition, ...
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