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1. Segmental Lining
Method of lining with pipe sections made of at least two pieces with both longitudinal and circumferential joints. ...
2. Cement mortar Liner
... behind the spray machine. Cement mortar is the generally the least costly type of coating used to protect small diameter pressure pipes against corrosion, and the easiest to install but is thicker ...
3. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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... Trenchless techniques are also often the least costly option as well as the least disruptive. Here is a typical city junction. Note how the traffic is flowing normally. But look ...
...  New machine, tool, material, system or technique introduced. Student or young professional paper - Members regularly enrolled in college or university, or spending at least half their time on academic ...
5. The History of the ISTT
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... and others the ISTT may never have come into being - or at least not as soon as it did. Noted above are just a few of the key people who had a hand in creating the ISTT twenty years ago when trenchless ...

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