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1. Control Console
An electronic unit inside a container located on the surface that controls the operation of the microtunneling machine. Electronic information including head position, steering angle, jacking force, progression ...
2. Pressure Plate
A steel pressure plate located between the rear end of the jacks and the thrust wall to backspread concentrated loadings. ...
3. Replacement
Construction of a new pipe or underground utility located on or off the line of the existing systems, which serves the same function as the old system. ...
4. Slurry Chamber
A chamber located behind the cutting head of a slurry microtunneling machine, in which excavated material is mixed with the slurry for transport to the surface. ...
5. Sonde
Transmitter located near the front of an HDD drill string that sends an electronic signal that provides location and depth of the drill string near the bit. The sonde signal also transmits pitch, roll, ...
6. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... inside the articulated section of the MTBM.  This and other operational information is transmitted through wire cables to a control cabin located on the surface.  Microtunneling machines are ...
... the bore. A walk-over tracking system is used to help guide and monitor the location of the bore. The system is comprised of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter or sonde is located in a housing ...
8. Auger Boring
Auger boring is generally used to install steel casing pipe in relatively soft stable ground conditions such as clay or soils with contained cobbles located above the water table. The auger boring process ...
9. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
... located on spools above ground are fed to a winding machine. The winding machine rotates causing the edges of the profile strips to interlock forming a water-tight liner. The rotational action advances ...
10. Pipe Ramming
... straightforward process. The product or casing pipe, fitted with a cutting shoe and lubricant pipes, is positioned on rails located on a stable platform, which allows the casing to be pushed into soil ...
11. Joint Grouting
... to the packer, where injection ports located in the area of the packer isolated by the packer and the pipe wall inject grout under pressure into the packer/pipe cavity, defects and soil outside the pipe ...
12. Pilot Tube
... camera, monitor screen, and an illuminated LED target. The LED target located in the head of the pilot tube displays the head position and steering orientation, which is viewed by the operator on a monitor ...
13. Impact Moling
... direction of the mole is altered through the positioning of the slant face head. The operator steers the mole by rotating the face in the desired direction. A sonde located in a transmitter-housing near ...
14. Pipe Extraction
... The rod string is connected to an adapter head. The adapter head, which is larger than the service line, is attached to the replacement pipe. A hydraulic assembly located in the exit pit pulls the rods ...
15. Ground Pentrating Radar
... dry sandy or hard materials such as concrete, granite, and dry sandstone. A GPR system is comprised of transmitter located on or near the ground that focuses electromagnetic waves into the ground. The ...
16. Leak Detection
... One system employs an in-the-pipe acoustic sensor tethered to monitoring equipment located above ground, which traverses the pipe with the product flow. The second system uses a free-swimming sensor that ...
17. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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... Trenchless is an attractive option for crossing roadways, and other transportation corridors, and rivers and waterways. Trenchless also can be used to install, rehab or replace utilities located in environmentally ...
18. What is ISTT
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... the years that followed, ISTT affiliated with regional trenchless societies located throughout the world to advance these objectives globally. ISTT has 27 Affiliated Societies. (Click here for list of ...
19. Awards and Recognition
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... apply for a No-Dig Award. However, if the applicant resides or organization is located in a region having an ISTT Affiliated Society, the applicant must have a written support of the Affiliated Society. ...
20. 2011 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... operator of the Sofia water and sewer system needed to restore a 1,220 mm diameter thin-walled steel water pipeline, which had not been used since the mid 1990s. The 850 meter project was located ...
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