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1. Auger Boring
A technique for forming a bore from a start or drive shaft to a reception shaft by means of a rotating cutterhead. Spoil is removed back to the drive shaft by helically wound auger flights rotating in ...
2. Intersect Method
Horizontial directional drilling method that allows accurate installation over longer distances than can be achieved by conventional means. The Intersect method employs two rigs starting from opposite ...
3. Lubrication
Means of reducing friction either around a pipe being jacked or a shaft being sunk into the ground. ...
4. Slurry TBM
A microtunnel method that uses tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) or shield with closed face which employs hydraulic means for removing the excavated material and balances the ground water pressure. ...
... for small diameter product pipe covering a short distance or quite complex when the product is large and the distances are long.  The rig is secured by means of on-board power-rotating augers and ...
6. Slip Lining
... Excessive grouting pressure could damage or collapse the liner.  In addition, floatation forces on the liner need to be taken into account when grouting and means taken to avoid floatation especially in ...
7. No-Dig Award
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... for utility services. They may be concerned with length or speed of drive, accuracy of drilling, materials used, ground conditions dealt with or means of underground detection and mapping services. For ...
8. 2011 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... and provided a means for analyzing and selecting the appropriate reamer size for HDD projects with similar geological conditions.       _________________________________________________________________________________________ ...
9. Current year
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... model included reamer size as a variable, which improved the accuracy of rotational torque estimates, and provides a means for analyzing and selecting the appropriate reamer for projects with similar geological ...

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