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1. Location
Trenchless procedures for identifying the site of underground utilities, infrastructure, obstructions, etc. without excavation or with minimum excavation. ...
Numerical designation of a pipe series which is a convenient round number approximately equal to the ratio of the nominal outside diameter and the minimum wall thickness. ...
Underground construction methods of utility installation, rehabilitation, inspection, location and leak detection, with minimum excavation from the surface. ...
4. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... as shown in the above drawing. During the installation processing the outside diameter of the thermoplastic pipe is reduced to less than the minimum bore diameter of the host pipe. The outside diameter ...
5. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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Trenchless Technology involves the installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with minimum excavation and surface disruption. Several construction techniques and methods qualify as trenchless. ...
6. 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... strength values exceeded ASTM minimum standards and generally fell within a narrow range.  Except for two samples, the flexural modulus values were above the ASTM minimum standard. The variation ...

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