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... jobs often recycle the drilling fluid using a combination of screens, centrifugal pumps, and hydro cyclones to remove the cuttings from the fluid.  Large jobs where tracking the drill head  using ...
2. Slip Lining
... grout may cause the new and host pipe to act as a composite, increasing the pipe’s ring stiffness and its resistance to external hydrostatic loads. The proper selection and application of grout is often ...
3. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
Spiral wound liners can be used to rehabilitate gravity pipeline applications such as storm sewers, sanitary sewers, conduits, culverts and process pipes. The configuration of spiral wound liners often ...
4. Cement mortar Liner
... applications, the mortar mix is often fed from a down-hole hopper. The speed that the spay machine is pulled through the host pipe determines the thickness of the coating. The spray application is followed ...
5. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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... sensitive areas and locations where surface access may be restricted due to the existence of structures or vegetation.   Often, trenchless techniques are the only viable construction option. ...
6. Research Support
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... findings and trenchless educational programs, and to explore opportunities for collaboration. Colloquium meeting are often held in conjunction with the Annual International No-Dig Conferences.      ...

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