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1. Pipe Reaming
... well suited for replacing and upsizing pipes in stiff soils and rock where pipe bursting may not be an option. The new pipe is typically a thermoplastic pipe suitable for installations using directional ...
2. Auger Boring
... retains the soils within the casing, which reduces the likelihood of ground settlement from excavation, making auger boring a popular option for installing utilities under railroads, highways, and levies ...
3. Why Trenchless? ('No-Dig')
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... and fiber optics. Trenchless Technologies are a particularly attractive construction options in urbanized area with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and numerous existing underground utilities. ...
4. 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... technology options to address unanticipated site conditions allowing the project to be completed successfully without excavation and surface disruption.        ...
5. The History of the ISTT
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... methods were still in relative obscurity as a viable option to the underground infrastructure community. Over the years, the ISTT has been instrumental in educating and promoting the benefits of trnchless ...
6. Strategic Plan to the Year 2010
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... Technology. It was established in the UK in 1986. The Role of the ISTT is: "to manage the effective promotion, development and adoption of trenchless technology worldwide". The Vision ...

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