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1. Advance Rate
Speed of advance of a pipe jack or other trenchless installation through the ground, generally expressed as either millimetres per minute or metres per day. ...
2. Compression Ring
... between the pipe sections during jacking. The compression rings compensate for slight misalignment, pipe ends that are not perfectly square, gradual steering corrections, and other pipe irregularities ...
3. Contact Grout
A cement or bentonite-cement based mixture injected to fill annular space between pipe and the surrounding formation, or other voids. ...
4. Drilling Fluid
Largely comprised of water, drilling fluids usually include bentonite and if warranted other additives such as soda ash, polymers, and detergents to address water and soils properties that could compromise ...
5. Grouting
The process of filling voids or modifying/improving ground conditions. Grouting materials may be cementitious, chemical or other mixtures. In microtunneling grouting may be used to fill voids around the ...
6. Inflow
Flow which enters the sewer generated by rainfall or an industrial discharge or other particular connection. Water discharged into a sewerage system and service connections from sources on the surface ...
7. Intersect Method
... ends of the project to create pilot bores using conventional drilling tools. A magnetic source is substituted for the conventional steering tool in one of the rigs, which allows the other rig to accurately ...
MTBM has a closed faced shield from which excavated soil is removed using a slurry, which also counterbalances groundwater and earth pressures. The machine is guided by a laser or other survey device mounted ...
9. Pilot Bore
First, usually steerable, pass of any boring operation which later requires back-reaming or other enlargement. Most commonly applied to guided drilling, directional drilling and 2-pass microtunnelling ...
10. Product Pipe
Pipe used for the conveyance of water, gas, sewage, and other products and services. ...
11. Spoil
Earth, rock, and other materials removed during installation. ...
12. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... the jacking frame and the MTBM or previously jacked pipe.  Slurry lines and power and control cable connections are made, and the pipe and MTBM are advanced another drive stroke.  This process ...
... (4) a tank for mixing and holding drilling fluid; and (5) a pump for circulating the drilling fluid. Other components of an HDD operation include bits, reamers, swivels and pulling heads. Larger ...
14. CIPP Lining
... gravity or other applied pressure. The resin includes a chemical catalyst or hardener to facilitate curing. The outermost layer of the liner tube is coated with a polymer film to protect the liner during ...
15. Pipe Reaming
... through the host pipe enlarging the hole while grinding up the existing pipe. The fragments of the host pipe along with other cuttings are suspended in drilling fluid and are pushed ahead of the reamer ...
16. Communication & Outreach
... reports on upcoming trenchless events hosted by Affiliated Societies as well as by others. GSP publishes to communicate timely information on trenchless technologies to ...
17. Epoxy & Polyurethane Linings
... pipes, tunnels and manholes. As with cement mortar liners, epoxy and polyurethane coatings require that the host pipe be thoroughly cleaned of hard deposits, nodules, scale, corrosion and other debris ...
18. Pipe Ramming
Pipe ramming is a trenchless method for installing steel casing pipe under roads, railroads and other structures. The casing is installed open ended, which allows the soil to enter the casing. Containing ...
19. Polyurethane Lining
... pipes, tunnels and manholes. As with cement mortar liners, epoxy and polyurethane coatings require that the host pipe be thoroughly cleaned of hard deposits, nodules, scale, corrosion and other debris ...
20. Cement mortar Liner
Cement mortar linings (CML), like other spray-on coatings, are used primarily for corrosion protection of small diameter metal pipelines. Cement mortar and concrete linings can also provide structural ...
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