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1. Adapter Ring
A fabricated ring, usually made from steel, that serves to mate the microtunneling machine to the first pipe section. The purpose of the adapter ring is to create a waterproof seal between the machine ...
2. Advance Rate
Speed of advance of a pipe jack or other trenchless installation through the ground, generally expressed as either millimetres per minute or metres per day. ...
The degree of deflection that the drill pipe and product can safely tolerate without risk of damage to the pipe or product.  ...
4. Angular Deflection
The angle between two consecutive pipes ...
5. Annular Filler
Material for grouting the annular space between the host pipeline and the lining system. ...
6. Annular Space
The void created by the difference in diameters between the shield and jacking pipe. ...
7. Auger MTBM
Microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) that uses auger flights passing through the product pipeline to remove the excavated soil. ...
8. Back Reamer
Cutting head attached to the leading end of a drill string to enlarge the pilot bore during a pull-back operation to enable the product pipe to be installed. ...
9. Bore
Void which is created to receive a pipe, conduit or cable. ...
10. Butt-end
Term used for square end jacking pipes. ...
11. Carrier Pipe
Pipe to be rehabilitated by any trenchless rehabilitation method. ...
12. Cased Bore
Bore in which a pipe, usually a steel sleeve, is inserted simultaneously with the boring operation. Usually associated with auger boring or pipe jacking. ...
13. Casing
A pipe to support the bore. Usually not the product pipe. ...
14. Caulking
General trenchless technology term that refers to methods for closing joints within a pipeline or between lining segments. ...
15. Cement Mortar Liners
Spray-on coating used primarily for corrosion protection of small diameter metal pipelines. Cement mortar and concrete linings can also provide structural and leak protection benefits in larger man-entry ...
16. Chemical Grouting
Method for the treatment of the ground around a shaft or pipeline, using non-cementitious compounds, to facilitate or make possible the installation of an underground structure. ...
Renovation method which seals a length of pipeline between two access points by employing a chemical solution pumped into the pipe and surrounding ground. Such systems perform a variety of functions including ...
18. Close-Fit Sliplining
Method of lining with a continuous pipe for which the cross section is reduced to facilitate installation, and reverted after installation to provide a close fit to the existing pipe. ...
Video cameras mounted on small tractor devices or sleds and driven or pulled through a pipeline commonly used to inspect repairs and to assess the condition of the pipe.  ...
20. Compression Ring
A ring fitted between the end-bearing area of the bell and spigot to help distribute applied loads more uniformally. The compression ring is attached to the trailing end of each pipe and is compressed ...
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