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1. Spiral Lining
Method of lining with a profiled strip, spirally wound to form a continuous pipe after installation. ...
2. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... application for the rehabilitation of pressure pipes that are relatively straight or have only modest bends, and that have largely maintained their circular profile.   Close-fit slip-lining ...
3. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
... allows installation of the liner without the use of over pumping. The liner is installed in-situ in the host pipe through a manhole or insertion pit. Profile strips of PVC, steel reinforced PVC or HDPE ...
4. Leak Detection
... The system most suited for the job will depend on the type of utility service to be investigated, the area of investigation, and the nature of the problem. All leak detectors use the acoustic profile ...
... systems that measure the profile of the pipe; and sonar for assessing pipe conditions in flooded sections and inverts. Advanced software is also available that control the progress of the survey and process ...
6. No-Dig Award
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Since the aim of the ISTT is to promote the science and practice of trenchless technology for the public benefit, awards are made each year in order to raise the status and profile of the Society and to ...
... course work The aim of ISTT is to promote the science and practice of trenchless technology, and the Awards are to raise the profile and status of the Society and its Award Winners.All award winners ...
8. 2012 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... size and geometric conditions of the pipes. The Cutter may be powered by either a grinding machine or hand drill. A hub is matched to the pipe diameter profile. A front-facing drill head and side grinding ...
9. The structure of the ISTT
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Click here for a detailed profile of the ISTT (PDF) ...

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