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Nondestructive method for detecting subsurface structures, voids, discontinuities, and changes in material. GPR uses radar pulses transmitted into the ground to image the subsurface by recording electromagnetic ...
2. Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Location Technologies
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Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Location Technologies (Filename: ground-penetrating-radar.pdf) | Description:Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Location Technologies ...
3. Cement mortar Liner
... either by incorporating polymers or steel fibers in the mix or by applying the cement-based coating over layers of reinforcing fabrics positioned on the tunnel or pipe walls.  ...
4. Ground Pentrating Radar
... may be broadly classified as either electromagnetic or ground penetrating radar (GPR). Electromagnetic pipe locators detect and locate the source of electromagnetic waves generated by power or telecommunication ...
5. Leak Detection
... created by pipe fluid as it escapes the pipe to indentify and locate leaks in pressurized pipes. The intensity of the sound associated with a leak will depend on internal operating pressure of the pipe ...
...  The sewer system should be cleaned to the extent practicable prior to CCTV inspection. The camera should be clean and in good operating condition and capable of producing an accurate image of the condition ...
7. Programs and Activities
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The 2011-2013 Strategic Operating Plan address three operational elements: (1) Trenchless Education and Training; (2) Trenchless Information; and (3) Trenchless Outreach. Trenchless Education and Training. ...
8. 2014 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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...    NO-DIG AWARD Category: New Machine - Company: Catsurveys Group Plc - Country: UK Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR)   Catsurveys Group has developed an innovative Georeferencing ...

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