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1. Back Reamer
Cutting head attached to the leading end of a drill string to enlarge the pilot bore during a pull-back operation to enable the product pipe to be installed. ...
2. Cased Bore
Bore in which a pipe, usually a steel sleeve, is inserted simultaneously with the boring operation. Usually associated with auger boring or pipe jacking. ...
Methods for identifying and locating features that may affect the integrity and performance of a utility including defects, obstructions, leaks, infiltration, inflow, etc. ...
4. Control Console
An electronic unit inside a container located on the surface that controls the operation of the microtunneling machine. Electronic information including head position, steering angle, jacking force, progression ...
5. Impact Moling
... resistance of the ground for forward movement. During the operation the soil is displaced, not removed. An unsupported bore may be formed in suitable ground, or a pipe drawn in or pushed in behind the ...
6. Infiltration
The downward movement of water from the atmosphere into soil or porous rock. The unintended ingress of ground water into a drainage system. Water from the surrounding ground which enters through defects ...
The total quantity of water from both infiltration and inflow without distinguishing the source. ...
8. Jacking Force
Force applied to pipes in a pipe jacking operation. ...
9. Launch Seal
... lubrication inflow into the shaft during tunneling operations. ...
Instrumentation in a bore that provides continuous data simultaneously with drilling operations, usually transmitting to a display at or near the drilling rig. ...
11. Pilot Bore
First, usually steerable, pass of any boring operation which later requires back-reaming or other enlargement. Most commonly applied to guided drilling, directional drilling and 2-pass microtunnelling ...
12. Pull-Back
That part of a guided boring or directional drilling operation in which the drill string is pulled back through the bore to the entry pit or surface rig, usually installing the product pipe at the same ...
13. Rerounding
Preparatory operation in which an expansion device is inserted into a distorted pipe to return it to a circular cross section. Rerounding is usually carried out prior to the insertion of a permanent liner ...
14. Resin Injection
Localised repair of pipes, usually sewers, by injection into cracks, defects or cavities a resin formulation which subsequently cures to prevent leakage and further deterioration. ...
15. Slurry Line
A series of hoses and pipes that transport tunnel muck and slurry from the face of a slurry microtunneling machine to the ground surface for separation. ...
16. Slurry Separation
A process in which excavated material is separated from the circulation slurry.
Numerical designation of a pipe series which is a convenient round number approximately equal to the ratio of the nominal outside diameter and the minimum wall thickness. ...
18. Thrust Pit
Working shaft at the beginning of the jacked section of pipeline in which the specialist equipment is installed, and from which jacking operations are carried out. ...
A machine that excavates a tunnel by drilling out the face to full size in one operation. It may be controlled from within the shield or remotely. ...
20. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... as a remotely-controlled, guided, pipe-jacking operation that provides continuous support to the excavation face by applying mechanical or fluid pressure to balance groundwater and earth pressures. Support ...
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