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... sealing of cracks and cavities, the provision of a new wall surface with improved hydraulic characteristics or ground stabilisation. ...
2. Control Console
An electronic unit inside a container located on the surface that controls the operation of the microtunneling machine. Electronic information including head position, steering angle, jacking force, progression ...
3. Crossing
Pipeline installation in which the primary purpose is to provide one or more passages beneath a surface obstruction. ...
Nondestructive method for detecting subsurface structures, voids, discontinuities, and changes in material. GPR uses radar pulses transmitted into the ground to image the subsurface by recording electromagnetic ...
Method for the installation of pipes, conduits and cables using a surface-launched drilling rig. A pilot bore is drilled using a rotating drill string and is then enlarged by a back reamer to the size ...
6. Inflow
Flow which enters the sewer generated by rainfall or an industrial discharge or other particular connection. Water discharged into a sewerage system and service connections from sources on the surface ...
7. Open Cut
... trench is backfilled and the surface restored. ...
8. Pull-Back
That part of a guided boring or directional drilling operation in which the drill string is pulled back through the bore to the entry pit or surface rig, usually installing the product pipe at the same ...
9. Reinstatement
Method of backfilling, compaction and re-surfacing of any excavation to restore the surface and underlying structure to enable it to perform its original function. ...
10. Slurry Chamber
A chamber located behind the cutting head of a slurry microtunneling machine, in which excavated material is mixed with the slurry for transport to the surface. ...
11. Slurry Line
A series of hoses and pipes that transport tunnel muck and slurry from the face of a slurry microtunneling machine to the ground surface for separation. ...
12. Tracking
... the surface, or by wireline or wireless non-walkover systems. ...
Underground construction methods of utility installation, rehabilitation, inspection, location and leak detection, with minimum excavation from the surface. ...
14. Tunneling
A construction method of excavating an opening beneath the ground without continuous disturbance of the ground surface and of large enough diameter to allow individuals access and erection of a ground ...
15. Wireline
Surface system consisting of a grid of energized wire coil, which in combination with a downhole survey probe, tracks the location of the drill string. ...
16. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... inside the articulated section of the MTBM.  This and other operational information is transmitted through wire cables to a control cabin located on the surface.  Microtunneling machines are ...
... a walkover system is not possible due to the depth or surface conditions instead use wire lines to track progress. Operationally, an HDD project has a launch site where the rigs is set-up and positioned ...
18. Pipe Ramming
... the soil in the casing minimizes the potential for surface settlement, which allows the casing to be installed at relatively shallow depths and in difficult soil conditions including flowing sands, gravel, ...
19. Cement mortar Liner
... mortar provides two benefits. First and foremost, cement mortar linings are highly alkaline and protect the host pipe against metallic corrosion. In addition, the relatively smooth internal surface of ...
20. Mole Ploughing
... the new service into the hole eliminating the need for backfill. Narrow trenchers are capable of installing utilities in a variety of ground conditions from normal soils to paved surfaces depending on ...
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