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1. Communication & Outreach
... ISTT members and others in the industry. Click here for more information on Trenchless International. ISTT generates a large number of peer-reviewed technical papers covering all aspects of trenchless ...
2. Gold Medal History
... at the Czech Technical University where led a number internation student exchange programs. He was an active member of ISTT and CzSTT becoming Chair of CzSTT in 1994. 2009, No-Dig Toronto Dr. Ray Sterling ...
3. Join ISTT
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... membership annual dues are £70 ($115). ISTT members are entitled to access the services provided members on the ISTT website to include free downloads of technical papers and reports from the Technical ...
4. No-Dig Award
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... in Trenchless Technology, as judged by the ISTT Technical Panel. Entries may relate to the practical use or development of Systems or equipment for the installation or rehabilitation of pipes or ducts ...
5. The ISTT Team
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... Tracto Technik UK and is a member of the International Standards Organization Technical Committee on Rehabilitation of Pipeline Systems. Jens Hoelterhoff - GSTT Professor ...
6. Programs and Activities
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... Trenchless International (TI) - the official magazine of ISTT reports on the activities of Affiliated Societies and of ISTT. ISTT also has a large library of technical papers covering all aspects of trenchless ...
7. ISTT International NO-DIGS
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... have promoted trenchless applications and techniques for the public benefit by offering high-quality peer-reviewed technical papers presented by trenchless experts from the world over. An associated exhibition ...
8. Disclaimer
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... of these data takes place voluntarily. The use and payment of all offered services are permitted - if and so far technically possible and reasonable - without specification of any personal data or under ...
9. Lifetime Service Award
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... society of ISTT. At the time of FSTT’s creation, Michel Mermet headed the Val de Marne Technical Department in charge of water and wastewater. In 1993, Mr. Mermet became Chairman of ISTT. He also served ...
10. 2013 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... Fujian Dongchen Geotechnical Foundation Engineering Company - Country: China Large Diameter & 3D Curved Pipe Jacking Technology Compound horizontal curves and a cured vertical alignment of the ...
11. 2015 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... a technical training course available to people who work in the drilling industry that seek to expand their knowledge and understanding of horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling and auger boring.The ...
12. Past Winners
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... the effectiveness of the cleaning operation. Student Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering Czech Republic This paper summarizes the bachelor’s thesis of Zuzana ...
13. ISTT Membership Benefits
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... of technical papers and reports from the Technical Resource Centre TRC, • quarterly mailings of the Trenchless International - ISTT’s official magazine, and • membership discounts on ISTT education ...
14. Strategic Plan to the Year 2010
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... of the Society is managed by a part time Secretary supported by a full time Membership Secretary and a retained Technical Consultant. Their cost, at current prices, represents 57% of the total annual income ...

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