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1. Advance Rate
Speed of advance of a pipe jack or other trenchless installation through the ground, generally expressed as either millimetres per minute or metres per day. ...
2. Auger MTBM
Microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) that uses auger flights passing through the product pipeline to remove the excavated soil. ...
Video cameras mounted on small tractor devices or sleds and driven or pulled through a pipeline commonly used to inspect repairs and to assess the condition of the pipe.  ...
4. Infiltration
The downward movement of water from the atmosphere into soil or porous rock. The unintended ingress of ground water into a drainage system. Water from the surrounding ground which enters through defects ...
5. Intersect Method
... measure its position relative to the electromagnetic signal. The rig with the magnetic source tool advances toward the other rig until it intersects the bore and continues through the bore to the other ...
6. Launch Seal
A mechanical seal, usually composed of a rubber flange that is mounted to the wall of the drive shaft. The flange seal is distended by the MTBM as it passes through, creating a seal to prevent water or ...
7. Mole Ploughing
Method of installing a pipeline by pulling a plough through the ground while a continuous length of pipe is fed into the top of the plough and buried from the tail. ...
8. Pull-Back
That part of a guided boring or directional drilling operation in which the drill string is pulled back through the bore to the entry pit or surface rig, usually installing the product pipe at the same ...
9. Ramming
A percussive hammer attached to an open end casing is driven through the ground. The spoil within the casing is removed to leave an open casing. ...
10. Spray Lining
Method for applying a lining, usually of cement mortar or resin, by a rotating spray head which is winched through an existing pipeline. ...
11. Thrust
Force applied to a pipeline or drill string to propel it through the ground. ...
Method in which a pipe is jacked through the ground without mechanical excavation of material from the front of the pipeline. ...
13. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... cone to crush larger particles into smaller sizes for transport through the slurry lines, a hydraulic or electric motor to turn the cutting head, a pressurized slurry mixing chamber behind the cutter head ...
... to drill a pilot bore along a planned path to an exit pit where either the product pipe, reamer or product pipe reamer is attached and pulled back through the bore hole. The process can be relatively simple ...
15. CIPP Lining
... by winching into place through a manhole or specially prepared access point and inflated to come into close contact with the circumference of the existing pipe. The liner is restrained in any intermediate ...
16. Slip Lining
... (PVC) pipes are most commonly used for continuous slip lining circular, non-man entry pipes. The new pipe is laid out above ground and pulled through an excavated pit into the host pipe. The new pipe is ...
17. Pipe Reaming
... drilling equipment. A directional drill is used to insert a drill string through the host pipe to be replaced where a specialized reaming tool and replacement pipe is attached. The directional drill back-reams ...
18. Pipe Bursting
... diverse in size, material type, and function including water, sewer, or gas pipelines. Pipe bursting is used to replace brittle pipes such as clay, concrete and cast iron through the application of a ...
19. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... is possible because of the “memory” properties of thermoplastic materials.  Thermoplastic materials will change shape when force is applied to the material either through the application of compression ...
20. Spiral Wound Lining PE or PVC
... allows installation of the liner without the use of over pumping. The liner is installed in-situ in the host pipe through a manhole or insertion pit. Profile strips of PVC, steel reinforced PVC or HDPE ...
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