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1. Advance Rate
Speed of advance of a pipe jack or other trenchless installation through the ground, generally expressed as either millimetres per minute or metres per day. ...
2. Carrier Pipe
Pipe to be rehabilitated by any trenchless rehabilitation method. ...
3. Caulking
General trenchless technology term that refers to methods for closing joints within a pipeline or between lining segments. ...
See Open Cut
5. Drill Rig
A trenchless machine that installs pipes and cables by drilling a pilot bore to establish the location of the underground utility before enlarging the hole if needed and pulling back the product. ...
6. Jacking Shaft
An excavation from which trenchless technology equipment is launched for the installation or removal of a pipeline, conduit, or cable. May include a thrust wall to spread reaction loads to the ground. ...
7. Location
Trenchless procedures for identifying the site of underground utilities, infrastructure, obstructions, etc. without excavation or with minimum excavation. ...
8. Narrow Trenching
Method of excavation of a trench up to 100 mm wider than the outside diameter of the service to be installed, usually employing either a rockwheel or chain type trencher. ...
9. Open Cut
... trench is backfilled and the surface restored. ...
10. Repair
Trenchless construction procedures to restore or improve the structural integrity and / or performance of the utility. ...
11. Trenching
See Open Cut.
Underground construction methods of utility installation, rehabilitation, inspection, location and leak detection, with minimum excavation from the surface.
13. Mole Ploughing and Narrow Trenching
(Attached to Article: Mole Ploughing)
Mole Ploughing and Narrow Trenching (Filename: mole-ploughing-&-narrow-trenching.pdf) | Description:Mole Ploughing and Narrow Trenching ...
14. Mole Ploughing and Narrow Trenching
(Attached to Article: Narrow Trench)
Mole Ploughing and Narrow Trenching (Filename: mole-ploughing -narrow-trenching.pdf) | Description:Mole Ploughing and Narrow Trenching ...
15. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
Microtunneling is a trenchless construction method used to install pipelines beneath highways, railroads, runways, harbors, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas.  Microtunneling is defined ...
HDD is an extremely versatile trenchless technology that is used for the installation of everything from service connections to residences and buildings, to pipes and cables under roadways and rivers. ...
17. Slip Lining
Slip lining is perhaps the oldest of all trenchless techniques. It involves the insertion of a new pipe into an existing pipe. Under the right conditions, slip lining is also the simplest trenchless technique. ...
18. Pipe Reaming
Pipe reaming is a trenchless method that removes the host pipe while at the same time installing a new replacement pipe. Pipe reaming can be used to replace a number of types of existing pipes and is particularly ...
19. Pipe Bursting
Pipe bursting and pipe splitting are trenchless methods used to replace existing pipelines in the same alignment without physically removing the existing pipeline.  Bursting and splitting by using ...
20. Communication & Outreach
ISTT sponsors Trenchless International (TI) - the official magazine of ISTT. TI, which is published quarterly by Great Southern Press (GSP), is an industry magazine with a worldwide circulation. TI carries ...
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