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1. Adapter Ring
A fabricated ring, usually made from steel, that serves to mate the microtunneling machine to the first pipe section. The purpose of the adapter ring is to create a waterproof seal between the machine ...
2. Auger MTBM
Microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) that uses auger flights passing through the product pipeline to remove the excavated soil. ...
3. Can
A principal module of a shield microtunneling or tunnel-boring machine (TBM). Trailing cans may be used to faciliate steering. It may also be referred to as a trailing tube. ...
... pipes or tunnels. ...
5. Control Console
An electronic unit inside a container located on the surface that controls the operation of the microtunneling machine. Electronic information including head position, steering angle, jacking force, progression ...
Type of microtunnelling machine in which mechanical pressure is applied to the material at the face and controlled to provide the correct counter-balance to earth pressure to prevent heave or subsidence. ...
7. Ferro-Cement
Material comprising cementitious and steel elements to form a structural lining, which is either placed in situ in a man-entry size pipeline or tunnel, or is preformed into segments for later installa ...
8. Grouting
The process of filling voids or modifying/improving ground conditions. Grouting materials may be cementitious, chemical or other mixtures. In microtunneling grouting may be used to fill voids around the ...
9. Jacking Frame
A structural component that houses the hydraulic cylinders used to propel the microtunneling machine and pipeline. The jacking frame serves to distribute the thrust load to the pipeline and the reaction ...
10. Launch Seal
... lubrication inflow into the shaft during tunneling operations. ...
11. Microtunnel
A remote control method of installing pipes using a fully guided microtunneling machine. ...
MTBM has a closed faced shield from which excavated soil is removed using a slurry, which also counterbalances groundwater and earth pressures. The machine is guided by a laser or other survey device mounted ...
13. Microtunnel Shield
See Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) ...
14. Obstruction
Any object or feature that lies completely or partially within the cross-section of a microtunnel or drill that prevents continued forward progress. ...
15. Pilot Bore
First, usually steerable, pass of any boring operation which later requires back-reaming or other enlargement. Most commonly applied to guided drilling, directional drilling and 2-pass microtunnelling ...
16. Pipe Eating
Replacement method, usually based on microtunnelling, in which a defective pipe is excavated together with the surrounding ground and a new pipe installed. The microtunnelling shield machine will usually ...
17. Slurry Chamber
A chamber located behind the cutting head of a slurry microtunneling machine, in which excavated material is mixed with the slurry for transport to the surface. ...
18. Slurry Line
A series of hoses and pipes that transport tunnel muck and slurry from the face of a slurry microtunneling machine to the ground surface for separation. ...
19. Slurry TBM
A microtunnel method that uses tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) or shield with closed face which employs hydraulic means for removing the excavated material and balances the ground water pressure. ...
A machine that excavates a tunnel by drilling out the face to full size in one operation. It may be controlled from within the shield or remotely. ...
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