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1. Chemical Grouting
Method for the treatment of the ground around a shaft or pipeline, using non-cementitious compounds, to facilitate or make possible the installation of an underground structure. ...
2. Drill Rig
A trenchless machine that installs pipes and cables by drilling a pilot bore to establish the location of the underground utility before enlarging the hole if needed and pulling back the product. ...
3. Location
Trenchless procedures for identifying the site of underground utilities, infrastructure, obstructions, etc. without excavation or with minimum excavation. ...
4. Locator
... underground services which have been energised. Sometimes referred to as a Walkover System. ...
5. New Installation
Construction of a new pipe or underground utility to replace or upgrade an existing system or to provide new service. ...
6. Open Cut
Underground construction method involving excavation from ground level to the level required for the installation, maintenance or inspection of a pipe, conduit or cable. Upon completion of the work, the ...
7. Potholing
Method using vacuum excavation for obtaining visual confirmation of utilities and underground obstructions near or crossing the planned bore path.  ...
8. Reinstatement
Method of backfilling, compaction and re-surfacing of any excavation to restore the surface and underlying structure to enable it to perform its original function. ...
9. Replacement
Construction of a new pipe or underground utility located on or off the line of the existing systems, which serves the same function as the old system. ...
Underground construction methods of utility installation, rehabilitation, inspection, location and leak detection, with minimum excavation from the surface. ...
HDD is an extremely versatile trenchless technology that is used for the installation of everything from service connections to residences and buildings, to pipes and cables under roadways and rivers. ...
12. CIPP Lining
... where necessary. The curing water or steam condensate and the trimmings cut from the liner are removed for safe disposal. A sample of the CIPP may be taken from pipe ends or from a mould cured under the ...
13. Slip Lining
Slip lining is perhaps the oldest of all trenchless techniques. It involves the insertion of a new pipe into an existing pipe. Under the right conditions, slip lining is also the simplest trenchless technique. ...
14. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... The versatility of thermoplastic pipe has spawned the development of a wide range of innovative close-fit pipe lining systems.  These systems can be classified under one of two generic system types, ...
15. Auger Boring
... retains the soils within the casing, which reduces the likelihood of ground settlement from excavation, making auger boring a popular option for installing utilities under railroads, highways, and levies ...
16. Gold Medal History
... 2001. 1996, No-Dig New Orleans E W (Ted) Flaxman was the founder of the ISTT; ISTT’s first Chairman, and Chairman Emeritus. He organised the first international trenchless conference in London - "No-Dig ...
17. Pipe Ramming
Pipe ramming is a trenchless method for installing steel casing pipe under roads, railroads and other structures. The casing is installed open ended, which allows the soil to enter the casing. Containing ...
18. Joint Grouting
... to the packer, where injection ports located in the area of the packer isolated by the packer and the pipe wall inject grout under pressure into the packer/pipe cavity, defects and soil outside the pipe ...
19. Impact Moling
... Under suitable conditions the installation of a product using an impact mole is simple and straightforward. The impact mole is positioned on a skid or cradle at the desired line and grade determine by ...
20. Mole Ploughing
... traditional underground construction methods requiring wide trenches. These two techniques use plows, cutter chains, or disc to open a furrow or narrow trench in which a flexible pipe or cable is inserted.  ...
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