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1. Gold Medal History
... at the Czech Technical University where led a number internation student exchange programs. He was an active member of ISTT and CzSTT becoming Chair of CzSTT in 1994. 2009, No-Dig Toronto Dr. Ray Sterling ...
2. The ISTT Team
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... promoting trenchless technologies in the Asia Pacific region since 1998. Mr. Choi graduated from Purdue University of the United States and has over 20 years experience in engineering equipment and business ...
3. Programs and Activities
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... Colloquium (ITTRC). The ITTRC is a confederation of university professors and academics in the trenchless field who meet regularly to review research and exchange ideas on research needs. More information ...
...  New machine, tool, material, system or technique introduced. Student or young professional paper - Members regularly enrolled in college or university, or spending at least half their time on academic ...
5. Lifetime Service Award
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... in 2009. 2014- Taigo Matsui Upon graduating from Kyushu University in the mid 60s, Taigo Matsui began his career with the Ministry ...
6. 2011 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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...    NO-DIG AWARD Category: Academic Research & Courses - Name: Professor Baosong Ma - Country: China Science of Trenchless Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate Course at the China University ...
7. 2013 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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... to avoid an existing sewerage pipeline in the area and to deal with elevation differences. The 3D curved pipe jacking technology developed by the contractor and Tongji University was key to the success ...
8. 2014 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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...    NO-DIG AWARD Category: Academy Company: Zhengzhou University and SAFEKEY Engineering Technology (Zhengzhou), Ltd. Country: China Trenchless technology for repairing roads ...
9. 2016 ISTT No-Dig Award Winners
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...        NO-DIG AWARD Category: Academic research - Name: Prof. Wu Xiaoming China University of Geosciences - Country: China   Research ...
10. Past Winners
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... the effectiveness of the cleaning operation. Student Czech Technical University Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering Czech Republic This paper summarizes the bachelor’s thesis of Zuzana ...
11. Current year
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... The system has a 500m range, requires only one access point and can clean upstream and downstream as well as up to valve faces. Academic Research & Courses University of Geosciences-Wuhan China ...

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