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1. Chemical Grouting
Method for the treatment of the ground around a shaft or pipeline, using non-cementitious compounds, to facilitate or make possible the installation of an underground structure. ...
2. Fluid Assisted
Method of guided drilling using a combination of mechanical drilling and Boring/Drilling pressurised fluid jets to provide the soil cutting action. ...
Method for the installation of pipes, conduits and cables using a surface-launched drilling rig. A pilot bore is drilled using a rotating drill string and is then enlarged by a back reamer to the size ...
4. Impact Moling
Method of creating a bore using a pneumatic or hydraulic hammer within a casing, generally of torpedo shape. The term is usually associated with non-steered or limited steering devices that rely upon the ...
5. Intersect Method
... ends of the project to create pilot bores using conventional drilling tools. A magnetic source is substituted for the conventional steering tool in one of the rigs, which allows the other rig to accurately ...
6. Jet Cutting
Guided boring method using pressurised fluid jets for soil cutting. ...
7. Microtunnel
A remote control method of installing pipes using a fully guided microtunneling machine. ...
MTBM has a closed faced shield from which excavated soil is removed using a slurry, which also counterbalances groundwater and earth pressures. The machine is guided by a laser or other survey device mounted ...
9. Mud Motor
Downhole tool for drilling in rock using pressurized fluid to power rotating cutterheads.  ...
10. Pipe Bursting
Replacement method in which an existing pipe is broken by brittle fracture, using mechanically applied force from within. The pipe fragments are forced into the surrounding ground. At the same time a new ...
11. Potholing
Method using vacuum excavation for obtaining visual confirmation of utilities and underground obstructions near or crossing the planned bore path.  ...
12. Push Ring Adapter
Mechanical structure mounted on the thrust ring to prevent the thrust ring from coming into contact with the pipe collar and causing damage to the collar. ...
13. Viscosity
The resistance of a fluid to flow, which can be estimated by using a Marsh Funnel. ...
14. Washover pipe
A pipe inserted in the borehole to stabilize the hole when using small diameter drill string, when recovering a stuck drill pipe, or when retracting a drill string to change bits or to re-tool. Washover ...
15. Pipe Jacking & Microtunneling
... the MTBM has in-line cameras to relay information to the operator and a target system for guidance control. Precise control of line and grade is accomplished using the guidance system and steering ...
... jobs often recycle the drilling fluid using a combination of screens, centrifugal pumps, and hydro cyclones to remove the cuttings from the fluid.  Large jobs where tracking the drill head  using ...
17. CIPP Lining
... by external groundwater and internal service pressure, and by soil and traffic acting on the pipe.  The liner is thoroughly saturated with polyester, vinyl ester epoxy or silicate resin using vacuum, ...
18. Pipe Reaming
... well suited for replacing and upsizing pipes in stiff soils and rock where pipe bursting may not be an option. The new pipe is typically a thermoplastic pipe suitable for installations using directional ...
19. Pipe Bursting
Pipe bursting and pipe splitting are trenchless methods used to replace existing pipelines in the same alignment without physically removing the existing pipeline.  Bursting and splitting by using ...
20. Close-Fit Slip Lining
... it is reverted to a close fit with the host main by releasing the longitudinal tension reversing the deformation process.  A properly installed close-fit thermoplastic pipe using the roller reduction ...
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